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Here are available documents:

*** Technical and other general interest documents:

- Useful RF Telephone numbers.
- Opening times of Bank and Post at CERN.
- Setting up notes for the XCeed X-terminal emulator for Windows.
- R&M RJ45 Cabling guide. Of interest is page 4-5 of this guide.
                          (Wiring of RJ45 - EIA/TIA 568A/B)
- 568A vs. 568B. Some more info on the EIA/TIA 568A/B issue.
                          (wikipedia also offers also nice article on this.)
- Serial link communication through RS-232C.

*** CERN professional documents:

- Trigger Unit E Operational manual.
- Current state of "Erik's database Project." Progress report mainly written
                                              by Vincent Alexandre.
- The Software System for controlling the RF Power Plant  (An RF Internal Note
                                     of 1979 describing the 'new' control
                                     system for use by the RF Group.
                                     Amazing to see that nothing really fundamental
                                     changed ever since...).
- SPS RF Control System philosophy  (An historical overview that defines
                                     commonly used terms like e.g. 'Command',
                                     'Status', 'Fault' in a rigorous way; as
                                     they are used in other related documents
                                     describing the RF equipment hardware interface).
- SPS RF Control System description (presentation intended for SL/CO people
                                     on preparation for SPS2001 software
                                     unification project).
- More SPS RF Control System related information.
                                    (Design memoranda, minutes of meetings,
                                     design concepts).
- LEIR RF Control System related information.
                                    (Design memoranda, minutes of meetings,
                                     design concepts).
- Various RF Recipes. Accumulation of scattered information, gathered over
                      the years...
- Accessing CERN people's home pages.

*** Slideshows and Presentations:

- Slideshows and Presentations via the local repository.

Other niceties:

Note that some of the documents here are quite large, you better have a fast connection...
- A pale blue dot.
- Lettre de Vauban a Louvois (17 juillet 1685).
- On the democratic state: F. D. Roosevelt's address  to Congress (April 29, 1938).
- A C++ Tutorial (Operator precedencies and associativity under: 'Operators').
- Agnes' Master piece (21.9Mbyte).
- Therese's Master piece (8.2Mbyte).
- Vincent's Master piece (15.9Mbyte).
Clips and Music (from YouTube).
- Don McLean's Vincent (Starry, starry night).
- Ralph McTell's Streets of London.
- Jacques Brel's Le plat pays.
- Jacques Brel's Mijn vlakke land.
- Vijftien miljoen nederlanders.
- Boudewijn de Groot's Testament.
- Maxima's toespraak over 'De Nederlander'.

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