LAN Control

Les Vernes de Lyre

ReelBox LVdL access

OSCAM 1.10rc-svn build #5954
VDRAdmin-AM 3.6.2 (localhost)

NordNet modem Basic Setup
WRT54GCv3 Basic Setup
WRT54GR Basic Setup


Brother printer access

Brother DCP-9045CDN
Web BRAdmin Start Page (a200-17zeb)
Web BRAdmin Start Page (IP addr.)

QNAP Fileserver

QNAP Systems Inc.- NAS storage and Surveillance products provider
TS-201 QNAP Administration manager
TS-201 WWWeb interface

AM200FR Basic Setup
dyndns My Account
WRE54G Basic Setup
WRT54GR Basic Setup
WRT610N Basic Setup


CERN related

BE division related

CERN-AB Welcome

BE_CO related

Applications section (AP)

AB-CO-AP Java Operational Generic applications

Data management section (DM)

AB-CO-DM Homepage

Front End section (FE)

AB-CO Front-End Section Homepage
AB-CO Hardware Installation Portal

MiddleWare (CMW-RDA) related

Home - Controls Middleware - Controls Wikis
RDA - Controls Middleware - Controls Wikis
rda C++ Common API Documentation

Timing section (HT)

LSA related

Home - LSA - Controls Wikis

AB-CO-HT Section - Homepage
Tgm library

AB Control system - PS accelerators
AB Desktop Support Home Page
AB-CO Home Page
AB-CO Java diagnostic tools
Alastair's Apache Web Server on SLC3 Linux System SLWWW
PCR Software Meetings
SL Timing Home Page
SL-CO-FE - Front Ends Section
SPS application software in the LHC era
SPS_LHC Controls Group Portal
V2.0 of SL-EQUIP
Welcome to the Operational Software Forum

BE_OP related

AB&OP eLogbook ;-)
CERN - AB - OP eLogbook
OP WebTools

BE_RF related

Piquet Info

Remote Desktop Web Connection
SPS RF Piquet Information

Appraisal Report (MARS) 4321197
CERN Central CVS service
CMW Homepage - Products - CMW Admin
Home page SUPRA_352_Power logfiles (spsrfdev)
Home page SUPRA_352_Power logfiles (spsrfop)
Telephone numbers of the SL RF group
WWWeb forms ABRFS Development
WWWeb forms ABRFS Operational

CERN guides related

Animations and Videomovies


CERN News - ASACUSA experiment - YouTube
Seminar for CERN official guides - CERN Document Server


AMS scientific challenges CERN - AMS Live Event April 29th, 2011 - CERN Document Server
CERN NEWS AMS - New Data Center at CERN - CERN Document Server
Interview Martin Pohl - AMS - CERN Document Server
Interview Rolf Heuer - AMS - CERN Document Server


ATLAS Experiment
How ATLAS works - CERN Document Server
L'expérience ATLAS - CERN Document Server
New ATLAS 3D movie (in 2D) - CERN Document Server
The ATLAS Experiment Exploring Matter in the Universe - CERN Document Server
The ATLAS Experiment Movie - CERN Document Server

On CC Data Centre

CERN IT in 8 minutes - CERN Document Server


cern 50 year - Search Results - CERN Document Server
CERN and science for peace - CERN Document Server
Edited material for stockhosts (1991) Gargamelle, BEBC, Antonov, CERN 67, ISR, SPS - CERN Document Server
Eye on Research The Particle Hunters - CERN Document Server
History of CERN , pt 1 1952-1984 - CERN Document Server
History of CERN, pt 2 LEP 1983-1989 - CERN Document Server
History of CERN, pt 3 1989-2004 - CERN Document Server
Record #436 Docs de la cinematheque Suisse - 27 - CERN Document Server
The Cathedrals of Science - CERN 1954-2004 - CERN Document Server
The story of CERN a 50 year journey to the Heart of Matter - CERN Document Server
▶ UNESCO-CERN 60 Years - YouTube

On Higgs

'The God Particle' The Higgs Boson - YouTube
CERN news, 4th July 2012 New boson spotted at the LHC is it the Higgs - CERN Document Server
The Higgs Mechanism - CERN Document Server
What is the Higgs boson John Ellis, theoretical physicist - CERN Document Server


DE-Large Hadron Collider in 10' - CERN Document Server
Descente du dernier dipôle supraconducteur 16 avril 2009 - CERN Document Server
EN-The Large Hadron Collider in 10' (with english subtitles) - CERN Document Server
EN-The Large Hadron Collider in 10' - CERN Document Server
FR-Le Large Hadron Collider en 10' - CERN Document Server
LHC First Beam, 10 September 2008 The biggest media event ever held at CERN - CERN Document Server
LHC first physics clip resume of the day March the 30th, 2010 - CERN Document Server
LHC News The 39th and final repaired dipole magnet was lowered into Sector 3-4 and installed - CERN Document Server
LHC operations - CERN Document Server
LHC Report - Why did the LHC break down on September 19th, 2008 - CERN Document Server
LHC sector 3-4 repair of dipole magnets 2009 - CERN Document Server
lowering and transport of the last dipole 2009 - CERN Document Server

On Linac4
Virtual Vist of the LINAC4 in 3D - CERN Document Server

On Physics

Animation Journey to Discover Answers - CERN Document Server
Animation Journey to discover the nature of mass (the Higgs Field) - CERN Document Server
Animation Journey to the unimaginably small - CERN Document Server
Animation Journey to the Unimaginably Strange - CERN Document Server
Meet Peter Higgs - C
The End of Space and Time - Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf - YouTube


Vague but exiting -

ALPHA Experiment Animation - CERN Document Server
Animation 'The Bottle to Bang' - CERN Document Server
Bottle to Bang - French subtitles - CERN Document Server
Cryogénie - Transition supraconductrice - CERN Document Server
Discovering CERN - CERN Document Server
Discovering CERN Return to the source - CERN Document Server
Go LHC GO! - CERN Document Server
HD Animation Journey of the beams into the accelerators chain - Aerial view - CERN Document Server
rushs LHC cryo - CERN Document Server
The Big Bang movie - CERN Document Server
The experiments of the LHC ALICE ATLAS CMS LHCb and the GRID - CERN Document Server
WIM KLEIN's Farewell Show - CERN Document Server

CERN - Street View links

CERN - ATLAS control centre
CERN - Data Centre
CERN - LHC Experiment Caverns
CERN - LHC Tunnel
CERN - PS machine


On AD and Anti-Matter

Antimatter CERN
Antiproton Decelerator - Antimatter factory
The Antiproton Decelerator CERN


. CAST - CERN Axion Solar Telescope .
CERN Axion Solar Telescope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Strahlen- und Kernphysik – Institut für Kernphysik – Technische Universität Darmstadt

On CC Data Centre

WLCG related

GridCafe The place for everybody to learn about grid computing
Real Time Monitor
WLCG - Welcome

Data Centre IT Department


Budget overview CERN press office
CERN - Convention
CERN Bulletin Issue 28-29 - Monday 2 July 2012
CERN Press Office (Archived Site)
CERN press office
Highlights of CERN history


LHC Design Report
Taking a closer look at LHC - HOME
The safety of the LHC CERN press office


Escor training and appointment
LHCb - Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment
Visiting Pit 8

Guide Information sites

Elementary Particles and Physics

Boson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CP violation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Energy–momentum relation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fermion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fundamental interaction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kinetic energy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of particles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mass–energy equivalence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Momentum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spin symmetry magazine


On AD experiments

AD Documentation - All Documents
AD Experiments - All Items
AEgIS Experiment - CERN
Antiproton Decelerator - HomePage
Home ALPHA Experiment


AMS-02 » Magnets Comparison
AMS-02 » The Anti-Coincidence Counter
AMS-02 » The ECAL
AMS-02 » The Electronics
AMS-02 » The Permanent Magnet
AMS-02 » The RICH
AMS-02 » The Silicon Tracker
AMS-02 » The Star Tracker and GPS
AMS-02 » The Superconducting Magnet
AMS-02 » The TAS
AMS-02 » The Time-of-Flight
AMS-02 » The TRD


ATLAS Magnet System


A GEM of a detector - CERN Courier
COMPASS -- Visits
New Compass page



André-Marie Ampère - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hans Christian Ørsted - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes - Wikipedia
Hendrik Lorentz - Wikipedia
James Clerk Maxwell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Willem Klein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

All Nobel Prizes in Physics
CERN Accelerator School
CERN Scientific Information Service Library - Archive - Open Access
CERN talks Open Days lectures now available to watch online CERN
Cherenkov radiation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Helium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Linac Systems, LLC
Lorentz force - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lorentzkracht - Wikipedia
Orders of magnitude (magnetic field) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - découverte - science et environnement - maths, physique, chimie - le cern
Stochastic cooling CERN
Superfluid helium-4 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Updates CERN

Seminars etc

CERN Document Server AD Seminar for CERN official guides
Design issues of superconducting magnets - CERN Document Server
Searching CERN official guides seminars - recid1401921 - Search Results - CERN Document Server

Access Authorizations
CERN Education
CERN Users' pages
Guides Visits Agenda
Home - CERN Guides website
Home - Internal area of S'Cool LAB
Home - outreach site for dutch highschool visits
Safety Form OHS 0-0-3 (MARS Exercise 2013)
WebHome Main TWiki

CERN Open Days 2013

CERN Open Days 2013, Point 4 LHC Radio Frequency - CERN Document Server
CERN opens its doors September 28th - 29th CERN Open Days 2013

FP Department

Helvetia life insurance Finance, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer Department

IT division related

e-mail related

CERN IT-IS - Mail Services Web Site
My Mail and More

GSM related

IT GSM (Mobile telephones) Service

Help desk tips

CERN Support Antivirus
PRMS Problem Display Page (NAV)
Questions & Answers from the Computing Helpdesk
Symantec AV update prob

NICE related

CERN Printing Package
IT NICE PrinterWizard
Password change site
WinServices Help
WinServices HomePage

Scientific Linux CERN related

-linux-index.shtml (CERN Linux pages)

WLCG display tools

Real Time Monitor
WLCG Google Earth Dashboard User's Guide

AFS (Andrew File System) – a reference card
Automatic Call Back (ACB) services
CERN Account Management
CERN Computing Bookshop
CERN IT Division
CERN Resources Portal
CERN Service Portal
CERN Support Antivirus
CERN Webservices Web Site
Computer Security Information
Desktop Forum Minutes
IT - CERN Central CVS Service
IT Informatics Tutorials
IT_CS Home Page - CERN Telecommunications Services
Network Connection Request Form
PC Technologies Website
Service handbook
Telecom services
Terminal Services site
The CERN Computer News Letters
The Consult Page

LHC related

LHC-CP Analog Signals Working group

PE division related

CERN Admin e-guide

Annual internal taxation certificate
Income tax declaration in France
Taxation at CERN Summary
Welcome page

CERN Pension Fund

CERN - Caisse de pensions
Pension Fund news


CERN Assurance Maladie (CHIS)
CHIS Home page
UNIQA - Insurance
UNIQA extraNet
Welcome Everyone

HRT Personal Info

HRT Access Details
HRT Desktop
HRT Personal Pay Info
myHRT Access receipe

CERN - Human Resources Department
CERN HR - Statistics
CERN Human Resources Site Map
Importation-Registration of vehicles in France - Installation Service GS
PE_ED_ Education Services home page
Preparation à la retraite - 2007 - Preparing for retirement (02-05 October 2007)

PH Department related

Users Annual Statistics

SPS related

CERN -- SPS as LHC Injector Project - SLI
PCR Software Meetings
SL _ GLM notulen

Staff Association and Clubs; Interfon

BCGE Offer - CERN Bulletin
CERN Record Club
CERN Staff Association Home Page
INTERFON coopérative et mutuelle
Welcome to the Cern Ski Club

TIS division related

HSE - Dosimetry Service

Documents Dosimetry Service
Welcome! Dosimetry Service

RP - Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection Group - Groupe de Radioprotection - CERN SC-RP

Authorization Distribution System
Car registration-stickers Site
Safety Commission

TS_DEM related


ab-mgt-md-users Site
AIS Login
CERN SIR Safety Information Registration
CERN Account Management
CERN Bulletin
CERN Code of Conduct
CERN Courier digital edition - CERN Courier
CERN Courier
CERN Document Server
CERN mobile Computing Communities Site
CERN news server access
CERN on Twitter
CERN Phonebook
CERN Preprint Server
CERN Scientific Information Service - (Library)
CERN Welcome - CERN and the Environment
Conditions for access to controlled areas for visitors
Conference Rooms Booking System - Welcome!
Dfs home page
EDH Web Desktop
EDMS Home Page
HP5000 printing from Designer under Win2000
HSE Home
Indico [Home]
LabVIEW-BridgeVIEW Support Frame
Nice Home (works at CERN only)
Particle Data Group
Service handbook for Desktop Support Contract
webHRT Telephone Details
Whats Happening at CERN
WorldFIP at CERN

Commercial information


eBay - Your Personal Trading Community



CA Ch@nge
Crédit agricole Centre-est - Contacts et numéros d'urgence - Réclamations
Crédit agricole Centre-est - Etre Sociétaires
Crédit agricole Centre-est
Pacte Coopératif CACE


IBAN BIC Service
ING - Particulier
Verlies of diefstal van uw pas - ING - Betalen


SVB - AOW - homepage AOW


Customer service for credit cards blocking a card UBS Switzerland UBS Switzerland
Quotes - Market overview Switzerland
UBS - 3-D Secure
UBS - Currency rates and calculator
UBS - Current interest rates
UBS - Homepage
UBS - UBS e-banking in Switzerland

IBAN Information Page
Login - PayPal

Book editors and stores

Abebooks--45 million books Used, Rare, and Out-of-print Books You Want!
Addison Wesley Longman - Higher Education Europe's Biggest Selection Achat et vente de DVD, jeux vidéo, musique, livres, lecteurs MP3, ordinateurs, appar
Bibliofind,books,Booksearch, Antiquarian Books, Old Books, Used Books, Rare Books,bookselling,b de winkel van ons allemaal Welkom
Book Search - Find the cheapest book price on the net!
BOOKS, antiquarian, used, old, remainders
Bookstore Ellipse Librairies
Ebook Library - Online bookstore specializing in professional books
Prentice Hall
Welkom bij NWT Online
Welkom bij Veen Magazines (o.a. Wetenschappelijke scheur kalender) -- Welcome to O'Reilly & Associates -- computer books, software conferences, on


MAIF - Nouveau Cap _ Rassur Cap _ Perp

assurance deces - souscrire une assurance deces rassurcap Solutions
assurance vie contrat en euros - placement - epargne retraite - assurance retraite
epargne retraite - preparer sa retraite - rente retraite

Mes Coordonnées Camif, votre boutique en ligne

Coffee and -machine related

On-line shops

Caffè Mauro on line
Italian Espresso Coffee, Coffee Machines and Accessories - illy eShop
Machine expresso, café espresso et capsules café Segafredo Zanetti

Espresso Parts Northwest - Wega Espresso machines
Expobar Brewtus IV Espresso Machine Expobar EU shipment
laPavoni - espresso cappuccino machines
Rocket Espresso Milano
Rocket R58 V2 espressomachine 2 boilers, PID & rotarypomp
Topklasse Espresso & Koffie thuis of horeca Shops in NL en België
We supply Caffè Italia, Coffee Machines, Gaggia, Saeco, ice cream makers, La Pavoni, Jura, Kitchen Aid, Krups, Espresso Machine

Commercial services La Poste

Boutique du courrier services en ligne de La Poste, timbres, lettre recommandée, réexpédition et garde du courrier
Bureau de Poste de La Poste - MonBureaudePoste
La Poste consultez les tarifs pour l’envoi du courrier
Portail du groupe La Poste - envoi de courrier et de colis, widgets, services financiers –

Domestic energy (providers, material etc.)



Mon espace client

Distributeur matériel électrique LEGRAND, SCHNEIDER, HAGER
Hager - catalogue hager FR
Hager France
OSRAM - Page d'accueil buy solar power online. solar panels, solarmodules, inverters


Additives for Heating fuel

DACD, fabricant de produits chimiques pour collectivités, industries et artisans

Atlantic Services - Chauffage, Climatisation, Pompe à Chaleur - Royan - Cognac
Chauffage et rafraichissement par le sol Multibeton-France
Pompe à chaleur Lemasson
Sofath® Le Chauffage Nature - géothermie - pompe à chaleur - thermodynamique - capteur enterré
Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co KG - Heiztechnik - Willkommen bei Viessmann - Welcome to Viessma
Weishaupt Homepage
XPair Le site expert de la climatisation, chauffage, ventilation, confort thermique

Water treatment and distribution

Accueil - ACV Excellence in hot water
Cillit - Accueil
Jetly - Accueil – Tout pour l’eau dans la maison, des produits professionnels à domicile

RTM Réalisations thermodynamiques SA

Domestic hardware (parts etc.)

Getaz Romang
La boutique de Cyber Pièces
Pieces detachees electromenager DEPEM – Tout pour l’eau dans la maison, des produits professionnels à domicile

GPS related


Garmin GPS 12XL Page in Germany
GPS CITY ON-LINE - Garmin Handheld GPS Receivers & Accessories for Marine Consumer & Re
Welcome to the GARMIN International Web site!


Inforad - Outils d'aide a la conduite - Avertisseurs de danger INFORAD.NET


Welcome to Magellan GPS

Peter Bennett's GPS and NMEA Site
University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO)

Hardware vendors

Compact PCI hardware manufacturers & vendors

Concurrent Technologies' Web
D-TACQ Solutions Ltd High Performance Simultaneous Data Acquisition
MSP Kofel. - Chromatography & Spectroscopy, Digital Signal Processing
SIS Homepage
Strategic Test PC Instrumentation and PXA255 cpu Embedded Systems

Components (obsolete etc.)

France-elec. Annuaire spécialisé dans les domaines de l'électronique - électricité et dérivés.
Mark 5 Ltd - Home (Suppliers of obsolete electronic components)

Electrical generators

Denqbar Digitaler Inverter Generator - Inverter Stromerzeuger
Honda Generators Portable Generator Power for Home, Work, and Play
Honda Worldwide Power Products - Generators

Electronic material in general

Comptoir Electronique du Nord - VENTE EN LIGNE de produits électroniques et techniques
DigiKey Corp. Distributeur de Composants Électroniques Page d’accueil France
Distrelec Home Site_Welcome
EURO-SHOP, communicatie, hobby, tech parts
Farnell InOne - distributeur de composants électroniques, composants électriques, fournitures i
LEXTRONIC le partenaire de vos solutions électroniques
SELECTRONIC Composants Electroniques, Systèmes d’Alarme, Matériel Electronique
Welcome to Newark Electronics

Electronic organ related

Homepage Cotent organs
Johannus Digital Church Organs
Ronald Duimstra's home page (DX 7 story)
VAN DER POEL -KERKORGELS- custom made digital organs
Viscount organs

Garden machines

Accueil Roques et Lecoeur
Grillo SpA - Agrigarden Machines
HONDA Power Equipment Débroussailleuses à roues
Machines spéciales pour la coupe de l'herbe Grillo Spa - Agrigarden Machines
Motoculture - CULTUR'QUAD
Tondeuses spécifiques - Honda, jardin, marine, industrie, service après vente, pièces détachées et accessoires
Vente de matériel de motoculture en Saône-et-Loire (71) - Michaud Motoculture

GSM manufacturers

HTC GSM Phones
Samsung Electronics Corporation

Keyboard-Video-Mouse switches

KVM switches from Raritan Computer, Inc
LINDY (multi port switches_ VGA, Mouse,Keyboard)

LAN related

3Com Product Support
Cabletron Systems Technical Documentation
D-Link (Europe, UK)
Desktop and 3Com Network Interface Cards Product Page
Intel(R) Networking
Linksys® by Cisco » Home
NETGEAR - Wireless routers, adapters, and other networking solutions for the home, smb, and bro
Reichle & De-Massari - Cabling, copper, fiber optics - Home
SMC Networks, Inc. The World Leader in Networking Hardware

Network Printers - Accessories


Brother Printers - Multifunction printer Colour laser printer Mono Laser and Inkjet Printers
Cartridge King - FR @ LC-1100
Encres et toners - moins chers et livraison rapide - DCP-9045CDN
Encres et toners - moins chers et livraison rapide - DCP-J715W
Ruban pour Brother P-touch 1850 –


Canon Laser Multifunctional Multifunctionals - Canon Europe
Canon Laser Printer Printers - Canon Europe


Epson - Colour Multi function Duplex ADF All Laser - Laser - Printers and All-In-Ones,
Epson for imaging, printer and ink products


HP® Official Store — Buy Printer and All-in-One products direct from HP
Imprimante multifonction HP Color Laserjet CM2320fxi (CC435A) spécifications - produits Petites


Colour Multi-function Printers SAMSUNG


Colour laser multifunction printers - multifunction laser printers, Xerox Office UK
Multifunction Printers and All-In-One Printers Xerox Office

Cartridge King - FR @
Encres et toners - moins chers et livraison rapide

Occasionally used on-line shops

Batterie, chargeur ordinateurs, appareils photo numérique, caméscopes, téléphone ... site achats en ligne, 50% de réduction
BRICOmmerce, bricolage, jardinage, équipement, conseil
Cartouches et accessoires pour le traitement de l’eau -
Denqbar Online-Shop - Motorisierte Gartengeräte & Fitnessgeräte
digitec online shop
Elma Group
Fabrimex AG
Industrial Computer Source (Deutschland)
Intérieur Granit - Plan de travail de cuisine et plan de toilette de salle de bains en Granit, Marbre et en pierre naturelle
Matériel de chantier, btp et outillage bâtiment - Bati Avenue
multirex Boutique Modélisme, Mini outillage & Pulvérisateur Manuel
Omni Ray AG - The Power of Automation (Messtechnik, Antriebstechnik, Magnete, Pneumatik)
PC-Ostschweiz Computer Online Shop
Produit Anti mousse Toiture Multirex, Vente Demoussage toiture SuperActif - Multirex
Quincaillerie, plomberie, outillage, jardin  le site n°1 du bricolage en ligne High-Tech, Electroménager, Mode, Maison, Sport, Beauté
Vente en ligne de produits et matériel de coiffure professionnel et esthétique

Office equipment

Accessoires bureau - Distrelec Suisse. Tout pour l’électronique, l’automatisation et l’informatique.
GBC Solution
Le spécialiste du matériel de bureau - Fournitures de bureau d’une seule source - Office World

PC board manufacturers

ABIT New HomePage
Asus Germany Home Page
ATI Technologies Inc
Diamond Multimedia_ Homepage
Discontinued Manuals (GigaByte)
GigaByte Home Page
Intel(r) Motherboards
Matrox Group
MSI Link to the Future
QDI (Europe) Homepage
Welcome to Cirrus Logic
Welcome to the Creative Zone!

PC component manufacturers

DVD drives

Plextor (Europe) Home Page


Western Digital

WD - Service & Support Home
WD support portal - Home
Western Digital Corporation - Hard Drives

IBM Hard disk drives _ Overview
Maxtor Corporation Website
Q u a n t u m _ Capacity for the Extraordinary
SAMSUNG Hard Disk Drive
TOSHIBA SDD - Homepage
Welcome To Seagate's SeaNET

Keyboards, Mice

CHERRY Keyboards
Compact 1865 MX Technology Keyboard
Logitech Mice Mice V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks
Logitech – Get immersed in the digital world with a mouse, keyboard, webcam, headset, Harmony remote, speakers, and more.


Kingston Technology Company - Homepage - Where To Go To Find Memory


Welcome to EIZO's Home

AMD Home Page
Crystal Semiconductor
Eicon Networks - Wan, x.25 (x25), ISDN, VoIP, Fax Server, ADSL, VPN, Media Gateways
HST High Soft Tech GmbH - Home
Iomega - Your guide to personal storage.(tm)
LG Electronics USA
Matsushita Home Page-English
Mitsumi Entry Page
Toshiba in Europe _ Home Page
Welcome to Intel

PC hardware and component vendors – Câbles, Connectique et Autres Accessoires Informatiques
Actualis - Espace Informatique
ALTERNATE. Hardware - Software - Entertainment
Brentford Homepage
BusiBoutique.Com - Achetez en direct sur notre Site Marchand !
Cogestra-Laser S.A
Dell Computer - Laptop, Desktop, Workstation, Server
Distrelec et Disdata Suisse. Tout pour l’électronique, l’automatisation et l’informatique
Distrelec und Disdata Schweiz. Memory shop
Exxi SA online
ICO Europe
Infomaniak home page
Media Store Informatique
Placette home page (french)
S P E E D C O M P U T E R S H O P ©
Surcouf , La foire permanente de l'informatique matériels, logiciels et accessoires
Transtec Switzerland Homepage
Welcome to Top D Computer Discount
Welkom bij Paradigit

Popular on-line shops

1000ordi SA - Your Best Online Computer Source In Switzerland
Grosbill achat-vente de produits hi-tech et électroménagers pas chers - Toute l'informatique d'un simple clic (vente en ligne)
MacWay accessoire iPod, disque dur externe et interne, mémoire
PRODIMEX eShop Votre magasin online
Pulsat 420 spécialistes en image, son, multimedia et électroménager Pulsat Equipement Electroménager et High-Tech à Prix Discount

Satellite Television Material

Decryption hardware related
Maxdigital Argolis Smargo Smartreader plus USB Card Reader Kartenlesegerät - Programmer - VISIONTEC Media Distribution
MaxDigital Smargo smartreader
WB Electronics

Dream Multi Media

DM 8000 SHD PVR ,DM 800 S HD PVR - Leman Telecommunication
SatKing Dreambox DM800 S HD PVR Ready HDTV Sat Receiver Schwarz Der King im Multimediareich
SatKing Dreambox DM8000 S HD Twin PVR Ready HDTV Sat Receiver Der King im Multimediareich

Reel Multi Media - Roxxs

Reel Multimedia
Roxxs - Shop
Récepteurs numériques, Reel Multimedia Reel Multimedia - Satshop sat shop


High Definition satellite receivers. Technomate TM-6900 HD Combo satellite receivers. Big disco
technomate tm 6800 hd pvr - Transplanet Satellite
TM 6800 HD Technomate High Definition Hische Dynamic Solutions


Topfield tf7710 hd pvr mpeg 4

VisioSat + ALP LNB + Spaun MPX - Spaun MPX lnb - alp parabole - VisioSat Powercam VisioSat MPX
satshop köln lnb - alp
satshop köln Module PCMCIA Powercam Pro V4.1
satshop köln Spaun - MPX

HD Satshop Quality Satellite TV Equipment and Accessories.
HD Satshop Quality Satellite TV Equipment and Accessories
Highend Digital
Niwotron AG - Audio - Video - Electronics
Sat Receiver - Impuls Electronics
Satelliet schotel antenne verkoop, installatie en reparatie door Smorenberg Alkmaar en Beverwijk - Welkom bij Smorenberg
SatKing Satelite Receivers Der King im Multimediareich
SatOnline GmbH - Sat Receiver, Sat Antennen, Satelliten LNB, Module & EDV
VISIONTEC Media Distribution - more than distribution
Zwaan satellietschotelhandel voor al uw satelliet apparatuur

Telephony related

Siemens AG - Products Category
Siemens Online Shop

Television related


Funai - LED and LCD tvs, portable Blu-ray players, DVD players, HDD recorders
Funai HDD - DVD - Funai Shop CH

Philips UK Electronics, Avent baby products, Personal Care, Lighting and Medical solutions#-headernav-consumer-


SAMSUNG Switzerland - Main


Sharp - Consumer Electronics

Terminal adapters (ISDN, MODEMS etc.)

Bienvenue dans le monde OLITEC !
U.S. Robotics
ZyXEL - Europe
ZyXEL Communications Corp
ZyXEL Österreich European site (docs!)

Video projector related

Videoprojecteur, Ecran projection, Lampe videoprojecteur chez

Comparateur de prix du matériel informatique - France Hardware
Heart Rate Monitors and GPS Sport Watches Polar Global
leasametric™ Instrumentation Test & Mesures et Location Informatique, Leasametric Instrumentat
MediaMarkt Home
National Instruments - Useful Links
PXI, Switching and Instrumentation from Pickering Interfaces
Welcome to Intel


Quad Electroacoustics -- Contents
YAMAHA Global Gateway


Fenioux Laboratories

Laboratoires Fenioux - Compléments Alimentaires et produits naturels pour votre bien être depuis 25 ans

Motor cycles

Moto Guzzi
Teo Lamers Motorcycles Nijmegen, Moto Guzzi

Music stores (CD, DVD etc.)

Boeijenga Muziek Home
Fugue State Films Home
Pronkjuwelen in Stad en Ommeland - Detail Page



Canon Europe - Home
Canon Global
Canon U.S.A


Nikon Worldwide Web Sites


Ricoh Europe copiers, photocopiers, printers, gelsprinters, multifunctional printers

Adobe - Adobe Photoshop Family
Kodak's Austin Development Center - Photoshop Plugins & More!
Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 - Photo Editing

Satellite and Terrestial TV and Radio Providers


Bis Télévisions - Bis Suisse
BIS.TV Accueil
FRANSAT La TNT gratuite par satellite
TNTSAT Accueil La TNT gratuite par satellite


Digitale tv van CanalDigitaal de ultieme tv-beleving!
Downloads CanalDigitaal
Smartcard heractiveren CanalDigitaal


SRG SSR idée suisse Société suisse de radiodiffusion et télévision

Shopping search engines

Avant d'effectuer vos achats comparez les produits sur
Comparateur de prix Comparatif & Achat en ligne à bas prix !
Comparis Homepage
Preisvergleich bei
PriceMinister - Achat et vente d'occasion ou neuf - DVD, VHS, Jeux Vidéo, Consoles, PC, CD, Dis - The Swiss price comparison (market overview for Switzerland, prices CH)
Welcome to the Internet Shopping Network

Software vendors


BMT Micro Inc
KarenWare - Home of Karen's Power Tools
Norloff's OS_2 Shareware BBS & Web
ShareIt! - Shareware and Software Ordering Service
TUCOWS - software, music, themes and games download sites

Specific packages

OS_2 related

cFos ISDN CAPI FOSSIL - COM port emulator page - cfos
Computer Data Strategies, Inc
Download Norton AntiVirus English Updates
FileStar_2 and UniMaint _ Home Page
GammaTech, Inc. - Software Developers
Keller Group_ OS_2 fax software
PowerQuest Corporation
Priority Master II for OS_2_
Russian_2 - System Information Tool_2
SciTech Software, Inc
SouthSoft, Inc (PMMail, PMINews)
Star Division Online
Waterloo Maple
Welcome to CadWare
Welcome to eComStation
Welcome to PMMail 2000 - PMMail 2000 Home Page

Unix (Linux) related

MDSplus Home Page
The ROOT System Home Page

Win related

Ariolic Software - diagnostic software and network utilities
Benthic Software
Cyberlab - spyware remover software and registry cleaner software
EFSoftware - Home, Shareware and Freeware for Windows and OS-2
FinePrint Software_ Home
Freemake Best Freeware Alternatives To Paid Video Software
Gibson Research Corporation Homepage
Hagel Technologies Ltd. - intelligent network management, monitoring and optimization software
IrfanView - one of the most popular viewers worldwide
MathType Home Page
Qualcomm's Eudora Place
Software for Enterprises, Intranets and the Internet Performance Boosting Systems Software
TechNet Online - Default Home Page
Text editor, programming editor, hex editor, EBCDIC editor - VEDIT
The MathWorks Inc
Welcome to MathSoft, Inc
Welcome to Micrografx Inc
WinSCP - SFTP and SCP client for Windows
Zone Labs Zone Labs, Internet security products, online safety, software, protection

Backup software for data backup and disaster recovery in Windows and Linux - Acronis
Blackbelt 6809 FLEX operating system Emulators
Certified Software Corp. (Robert Reimiller's) Web Page
Cygwin Information and Installation
Dropbox - Home - Online backup, file sync and sharing made easy.
Electronics Workbench home page
Ghostgum Software (GhostView)
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Hard Drive Data Recovery Software Tools, Disk Recovery Utilities -Stellar
Info-ZIP ftp download page
KADAK Products Ltd. - Home Page - The Place for Your PC
Mortice Kern Systems (MKS) Inc
Netcraft Toolbar
Official RarSoft, RAR, WinRAR and FAR product support site
Pocket PC Software, Palm Software, Smartphone Software
RSJ Homepage
Symantec Security Response
The Open Watcom Project
Welcome to Network Associates
Welcome to VMware, Inc. - Virtual Platform Technology
Wolfram Research, Inc. Makers of Mathematica
ZOC, EmTec's Superior Modem_Telnet Program

ALTOVA – XML, Data Integration, UML, and Web Services Tools
France-Teaser software ftp site
France-Teaser web site
Golden Code Development
IBM Direct Desktop Software Catalog
Mensys Home in NL (Telefoon 023-5482020)
Minzloff Data - OS_2 Centre in Basle
OS_2 STORE ... J3 Computer Technologies ... Your OS_2 software source!
OS_2 Supersite Select
ParaSoft Homepage (Insure etc.)
REM Publications OS_2 Software
The IBM software home page
Theta Band Software, LLC - an OS_2-only software vendor
Welcome to Indelible Blue!
_ V Communications - Automatic Software Solutions for Complex Problems


Page d'accueil du TCS - TCS Suisse
TCS Livret ETI l'assurance voyages comprenant l'assurance annulation - TCS Suisse

Telecom and InterNet providers

Dynamic DNS services

dyndns Dynamic DNS, E-Mail Delivery and Other Services

High speed Internet (FttH)



Alsatis Accueil


Page d'accueil - K-net - Fibre optique département de l'Ain -


Kiwi Fibre Optique


FAI connexion internet pour chaque zone rurale (adsl, fibre optique, satellite, wimax)

SIEA - Syndicat Intercommunal d'électricité de l'Ain

Internet per satellite

Connection Verte

Connexion Verte •


Internet par satellite


Accès Internet par satellite, connexion Haut-Débit NordNet pour les zones hors adsl
NordNet offres ADSL NordNet et forfaits NordNet - Comparatif Internet Ariase
Se connecter à votre Espace Abonné, consulter et gérer vos services FAI
Téléphonie Voip satellite, ligne téléphonique indépendante, appels illimités en France


Numéo offres Satellite Numéo et forfaits Numéo - Comparatif Internet Ariase


Sat2way - internet haut débit par satelliteAccueilInternet haut débit par satellite en mode bidirectionnel
Sat2Way offres Satellite Sat2Way et forfaits Sat2Way - Comparatif Internet Ariase


SatelSys - Accueil


Pack SHD Kit à l'achat - 3.2 Go - SHD - Satellite - Comparatif Internet Ariase
SHD, Le Haut Debit Pour Tous Accueil
SHD, Le Haut Debit Pour Tous Accueil


Offre Internet satellite Vivéole - Vivéole un accès Internet Haut Débit par satellite
Vivéole offres Satellite Vivéole et forfaits Vivéole - Comparatif Internet Ariase

Comparatif Satellite - Comparatif des offres Satellite et abonnement Satellite avec Ariase
Prestataires Internet par satellite bidirectionnel

Leclerc mobile

Réglo Mobile - Aide
SFR Consultez vos MMS
SFR International - Accueil SFR

Orange (France Telecom)

Problem fixing

dépanner votre ligne fixe Orange - Assistance Orange
Fixe Résidentiel - Assistance Orange
Incidents locaux internet et fixe - Assistance Orange
signaler un dérangement sur votre ligne fixe - Assistance Orange
Suivi de dossiers dépannage - Assistance Orange
tester votre accès - Assistance Orange

Carte France Telecom - Gerer mes appels - Fixe -
Catalogue des prix de france telecom
GSM Roaming Orange
Orange 'Connexion Nomade'
Orange - espace client Acceuil
Tarifs optimale illimité + 120


Mein Konto - Mon compte
Sunrise - Aide sur la téléphonie mobile

9 TELECOM - Homepage
ALLO.CH _ Telecom Info Service
Appeler dans le monde entier à des tarifs hyperbas!
AT&T Business Internet Services
Bienvenue chez FREE
Bienvenue sur
CAPP Internet - Le premier portail international des télécommunications
Comparatif d'offres ADSL et Internet - test ADSL et abonnement ADSL
Comparez tous les tarifs de téléphone fixe ou mobile - Test éligibilité ADSL et dégroupage de votre ligne
Europe Registry European ccTLD and EU Domain Name Registration Europe's Trusted Registrar
Le _7_
Tele2 en France
Tele2 Switzerland
Vodafone (ex.Libertel) Homepage
WEB Agence France Télécom
Welcome to Swisscom

Text processing - viewers

Adobe Acrobat
Dante, home of emTeX_ directory of _tex-archive_systems
Directory of _tex-archive_systems_msdos_emtex-contrib
ePrint Professional Document Conversion Utility Overview
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Links for emTeX system
LyX - The Document Processor
Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroep
OS_2 Warp _ Netscape Navigator for OS_2 Warp
pmCSTeX for EPM homepage
Programmer's File Editor Home Page
TextPad - the text editor for Windows
Welcome to



Book a flight -
Book flights at low price online – Offers Swiss Int. Air Lines
easyJet - the web's favourite airline


Avis Rent A Car - Welcome to Avis Online
easyCar- vehicles cars rent easy rent a car car rental booking car rent online car hire easyre
Europcar - You rent a lot more than a car!
Holiday autos
National Car Rental
The Hertz Corporation -- Car Rental, Used Car Sales & Equipment Rental

Hotels and accommodation

Blooming - De Zandhoeve
blooming home
Hotel Aanbiedingen Nederland - Alle hotelaanbiedingen en speciale arrangementen van ruim 500 ho
Hotel De Paasberg Ede - Gelderland
Hotel remiremont pas cher, le cheval de bronze
Reehorst, vergaderen, slapen en genieten onder een dak ReeHorst - vergaderen, slapen en genieten in Ede
Restaurant Hotel Merlet - Schoorl, Noord-Holland - hotel en bed and breakfast adressen Nederland Belgie


Bienvenue sur le site de la SNCF
CFF Online
Mon Compte Client SNCF
Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Genève Aéroport - Plan de l'aérogare
GVA Airport
Schiphol Airport
Travel Airfares, hotels, vacations, cruises, car rentals and more at


Seiko Kinetic Watches Kinetic Seiko Watches
Seiko Men's Titanium Two Tone Kinetic Watch - SKA214, Seiko SKA214P1

4Car - car reviews, news and videos from from 4Car
Annonces gratuites de particulier à particulier
HOB Enterprise Connectivity Solutions
INDEXA - L'annuaire Internet des sites professionnels
L'annuaire du propane
Matériaux Direct Outils et matériaux professionels au meilleur prix
Philips search engine home page
SWITCH ftp site
SWITCH Welcome Page
UPS Home Page

Cultural interest (Theatre, Concerts etc.)



Accueil fr - ARTE
Boutique France Televisions
France tvod - France TVOD - voir ou revoir les programmes de france télévisions - France Télévisions
Radio France Accueil
Télé programme TV, séries TV, films de la semaine, sorties sur Paris et toute l'actualité culturelle


AVRO Klassiek portal - Webradio Baroque around the clock
BVN De publieke televisiezender voor Nederlanders en Vlamingen in het buitenland
Nederlands Radio Nederland Wereldomroep - Nieuws, Sport en Evenementen op Radio, TV en Internet Nederlandse Omroep Stichting


Web radio

Radio Swiss Classic - Web radio
Radio Swiss Jazz - Web radio
Radio Swiss Pop - Web radio - les docs - histoire vivante - les docs - Radio Télévision Suisse - émissions - passe-moi les jumelles
Schweizer Fernsehen - Videos, News, Sport, Wetter, Filme, Serien
SRG SSR Société suisse de radiodiffusion et télévision
SWISS TXT_ Teletext Home - Swiss Internet Radio Service - RadioCrazy - Classical - Jazz Vos horaires de cinéma en Suisse romande
l'Agenda de Genève
Musique en Morvan
Théâtre de Carouge Genève - Index
Théâtre Forum Meyrin
Victoria Hall - Département des affaires culturelles - Ville de Genève
Willkommen - Bienvenue - Benvenuto - Bienvenido - Welcome – trigon-film

European Community Related

EUROPA – The official website of the European Union
Interactieve kaart economische crisis in de EU

General inquiries - directories - dictionaries

Typical CH

AP Ass. de Pharmacies de Geneve
APCG-Pharmacies de garde
cff Home
Home Swiss Post
Swiss Directories - Nos adresses vous rassemblent

Typical DE

uitmuntend - hier lernst Du Niederländisch - woordenboek vertaling Bestuursorgaan

Typical FR

Les Pages Jaunes Annuaire
Les renseignements et numéros d'urgence en France

Typical NL

De Telefoongids - PTT Telecom

32bit.com_ Software Downloads
About.Com_ The Mining Co
Belgacom Index
CERN Users' pages - National Phone Directories - International directories
English to Spanish, French, Italian and German Dictionary -
Infotec Ltd _ Financial Information Services & Solutions
INL GTB (Woordenbook Nederlandsche Taal) - English Spanish French German Dutch and Swedish dictionary
Link Everything Online - Software repository
Real Time Swiss Quote Software Downloads
Simtel - freeware and shareware software downloads
Switchboard_ The Internet Directory (USA)
Yahoo! Computers and Internet_Software_Operating Systems

IBM OS_2 related

IBM Software Customer support

IBM 'Boulder' Personal Software (Directory of _ps)
IBM 'Boulder' Technical Support
IBM 'Hursley' Technical Support (Directory of _pub)
IBM BookManager BookServer Library
IBM Business Partner - Software Program
IBM FixPack Database
IBM NCSD Software Updates
IBM OS_2 updates site
IBM Public Fixpaks_By APARs
IBM Redbooks - Home Page
IBM Redbooks for OS-2 Family of Products
OS_2 Device Driver Pak On-Line - HOME PAGE
TP General - OS-2 Warp 4 updated installation diskettes
Welcome to the IBM Software Choice

ISDN and LAN networking info

Chuck McKinnis' NICPAK Page
Index ISDN & OS_2 Warp (from Heiko Haase's homepage)
My Little LAN
Networking software and techniques - Focus On os2 - Net Links
OS_2 Peer-to-peer networking aid
Surviving with OS_2 Warp in a sea of Windows


32 Bits Online -- Applications
EDM_2 - The Electronic Developer Magazine for OS_2
Focus on os2 - Home Page
OS_2 e-Zine! - The on-line OS_2 magazine
OS_2 Inside
OS_2 Warp FM

OS_2 dedicated home pages


Aaron Williams' Home Page
Abraxas Home Page
Bill's Write
Brian Havard's Home Page
Carsten Müller's Warphouse
Carsten's Heimatseiten
Chris Wohlgemuths Home Page
Colin's how to with OS_2 page
Diskette images and tools
Felix's Place, Home of the Rotary Engine FAQ
Fudeba OS_2 Software
Henk's Homepage
Home Page of Dennis Bareis (OS_2 Developer in Australia)
Homepage Heiko Haase - Index
John Summerfield
Kais Homepage
KiewitzSoft - eComStation.Ru
Lesha's Home Page
Marco G. Salvagno Home Page
Mikes' Notebook - Main Page
Mikhail Ranish Home Page
OS-2 Warp4 Installation list for Al's workstations
OS_2 Capi 1.1 und 2.0 fuer Zyxel Elite und Omni Terminaladapter und ueber Hobbys von Michael Hu
OS_2 utilities by Goran Ivankovic
Peter Moylan's OS_2 information and software collection
Petr Mikulik's OS_2 page
PM123 - Digital Audio Player for OS-2
ShyGuy's OS_2 Site
Stefans Homepage - OS_2 Software
Tavi OS_2 pages
The Blackpalace Homepage
Timothy Sipples' Warped World!
Timur Tabi's Home Page
Vladimir Zabrodsky - home page
William Geiger III's Little Web Page Welcome!


Millennium Technology Home Page
OS-2 and eCS Hardware Web site
OS2 World.Com - An OS2 FreeWeb Project
OS2 World.Com - Home -
OS_2 Headquarters Home Page
Q-Systems, Mexico City
Software Developers Guild - Homepage
The 13th Floor Index Page
The OS_2 Netlabs
The Warped Site - Homepage
Viper OS_2 Page_ Main Index

OS_2 discussions

FAQ_ Should I buy OS_2 Warp 3.0_
OS_2 Soundcard Summary
OS_2 Warp performance tuning
Some fundamental OS_2 concepts
The Warp Wishlist

Software archive links

Gfd - OS-2 German File Distribution
LEO - OS_2 Archive - Software - SoftWhere!_
OS_2 Switchboard - version 4.3
The OS-2 Shareware Web & BBS, by Norloff Computer Corp
Wallnut Creek OS_2 repository
Welcome to
Yahoo - Computers and Internet_Operating Systems_OS_2
Yahoo - Directory Operating Systems - OS2

Team OS_2 and alike
Drivers Flow From Timur Tabi
OS_2 Forum Austria Home Page
Phoenix OS_2 Society Inc. Home Page
Southern California OS_2 User Group
Team OS_2 FAQ 2.41
Team OS_2 Region Trier e.V. - Our homepage
TeamOS_2 Online
TeamOS_2 Ruhr e.V. - Homepage
The Bay Area OS_2 Page - TRSS Consulting
Virtual OS_2 International Consumer Education

AT&T Business Internet Services - Home Page
IBM Software _ Operating Systems _ OS_2 Warp _ Overview
Master OS_2 Warp Update List
Os2BBS_ Netscape Communicator for OS_2 news
OS_2 and USB
OS_2 Warp on the 'Net (OS2)
PCI sound cards for OS-2 and eComStation - Home
Project Odin Home Page
Removable Media under OS_2 FAQ!
The IBM world wide web home page
The International OS_2 User Group
The OS_2 Benchmark Centre
The OS_2 Supersite
The OS_2 WWW home page
The Warp Pharmacy
TP General - OS-2 Warp 4 updated installation diskettes
Virtual OS_2 International Consumer Education
Welcome to eComStation

Musical interest


Revue mensuelle des CDs de musique ancienne critiqués en France


Classical Music Archives
Conservatorium Alkmaar MIDI Barok

Music vendors (CD's)

CD directory Index
Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft & Archiv Produktion
Deutsche Grammophon
EMI Classics
Erato Start Page
Harmonia Mundi
Philips Classics Productions
VDE-Records Homepage

Music vendors (MP3)

MP3.com_ Free Music Downloads, Audio Software, Hardware, Genres, News

Music vendors (sheet music etc.)

Musikhaus Krompholz Bern
OUP Music books and printed music
Welcome to Baerenreiters World of Music

Musical typesetting and database

LilyPond, music notation for everyone
Nota Musica
NoteWorthy Software - Home of NoteWorthy Composer Music Notation Software
The Mutopia Project

Nice songs with some history

Streets of London

BBC - Radio 2 - Sold On Song - TOP 100 - Streets Of London
CU Sing Song lyrics and MP3s
Streets of London (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
YouTube - Ralph McTell Streets of London

Vincent - Starry starry night

Don McLean's Vincent (Starry Starry Night)
The Starry Night - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vincent (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Words and Music Database
YouTube - Starry Starry Night
YouTube - Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean

Organ related

FFAO - Accueil
Het Orgel [Internet Magazine on European Organ Art]
Manufacture d'orgues Ayer J.-D
Nouvelle page 1 AOR

Bach Cantatas - Listener's Guide
JS Bach_ Analysis of Canons & Fugues
Kreutznacher Diakonie Kantorei Archif
The J.S. Bach Home Page
Unofficial Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler Homepage

Nederlandstalige interesse


Scholen en universiteiten

Home Page Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Belgian WWW resource map
Ons Erfdeel Home Page
World-Wide Web servers_ Belgium


Ambassades, consulaten etc

Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Paris
Burger Service Nummer Home
Consulats en France et Monaco
Gemeente Den Haag - Home
Nederlands Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken - Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken
Welkom bij de Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in Bern, Zwitserland

AOW gerelateerd

College voor zorgverzekeringen - Van zorg verzekerd
Home DigiD
Home  DigiD
SVB - AOW - AOW aanvragen als u buiten Nederland woont


De Groene Amsterdammer
De Telegraaf (berk)
De Volkskrant


De Museumserver
Naturalis - home

Scholen en universiteiten

Faculteit Communicatie en Journalistiek _ Hogeschool van Utrecht
Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Faculteit der PSCW
Faculteit Letteren (RuG-NL)
Opleiding Communicatiewetenschap
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
RuG-Afstudeerrichting Journalistiek
Studiekiezerssite UM Cultuurwetenschappen
Studiekiezerssite UM Kennistechnologie
Studiekiezerssite UM Psychologie
Universiteit Maastricht
UvA - Universiteit van Amsterdam
Wageningen University - Studiegids 1999_2000
WAU - Bosbeleid en bosbeheer
WAU - Bosteelt en bosecologie
WAU - Departement Omgevingswetenschappen
Welcome to Wageningen Agricultural University

Touristische informatie


VVV Maastricht - Tourist Office Maastricht
Zuid-Limburg net

Nationaal Park de Weerribben
Welkom bij VVV Online


Antiquarische boeken, oude boeken, tweedehands boeken, gebruikte boeken
Boeken bij Bruna boeken bestellen via internet, afhalen in de winkel shop, winkelen, shoppen,
BoekNet® - de Nederlandse Internetboekhandel
Elsevier Science Home Page
Het SchrijversNet
Het Van Dale Taalweb
Noord Nederlandsche Boekhandel, Friese en Nederlandse Boekhandel, meer dan 1 Miljoen titels onl
Polare the world of stories voorheen selexyz + De Slegte Polare. The world of stories
Uitgeverij De Geus

Afkorting vinden
Beginpagina Genootschap Onze Taal
Checklist uitvaart regelen Yarden
Computer User Groups in The Netherlands
De Internet Gids
De Nederlandse Publieke Omroep
De Zaansche Molen - Home Page
Herkrijgen van de Nederlandse nationaliteit door oud-Nederlanders
Home of The Netherlands
Monumentaal aan de Zaan
N L - m e n u_ H o m e
OnderwijsWeb_ the Dutch Education home page
Parlement (Info uit Den Haag)
Publiek Wetenschap en Techniek home page
Stichting Internationaal Onderwijs
Taalthuis - the Dutch language site - de website over het Nederlands
Track - de zoekmachine voor heel Nederland
VPRO Eeuw van de stad
Welkom bij SURFnet
Yarden Contact
yarden Iedere uitvaart uniek Uitvaartverzorging - Uitvaartverzekering
‪Maxima - 'The Dutchman does not exist' - 'De Nederlander' bestaat niet‬‏ - YouTube

Encyclopedie - Nederlandstalig
Nederlanders.Fr - Voor en door alle Nederlandstaligen in Frankrijk - Zegt het voort!
Nederlandse verenigingen in Frankrijk. Federatie van Nederlandse verenigingen
Regionlink Regions
Wonen en leven in Frankrijk

News (general and computing) on-line


Accueil - Journal - Le Pays Gessien
Le Figaro - Actualités Actualité Snelle duiding bij het belangrijkste nieuws
VK Home

Bienvenue à la Radio Suisse Romande en ligne
CNN Interactive
eGroups _ My Groups
InfoWorld Electric Page One
Main Page - Wikinews, the free news source - Exploring the Future of Computing
OS_2 News and Rumors la géopolitique sur le net
Slashdot_News for Nerds_ Stuff that Matters
The Register
Welcome to the Inquirer
Welcome to
ZDNet UK News

Programming languages

C, C++

Beej's Guides
C++ Programming Language Tutorials
CodeSourcery, LLC - The C++ resources network
GCC Home Page - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
IBM VisualAge for C++
SGI - Services & Support Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide
site news - (On-line man pages etc.)
Unix Multiprocess Programming


ISE Home Page (Object-Oriented Technology and Eiffel)


IBM VisualAge for Java




CERN ORACLE documentation entrypoint
Oracle Developer Library - December 1997


Virtual Pascal v2.1_ Cross-platform for real

Perl The Source for Perl -- perl development, perl conferences


The Leading Supplier of Prolog
Visual Prolog Freeware Version


C F S Nevada, Inc. Home Page (REXX home page)
The Rexx Language (IBM Hursley)
Watcom VX-Rexx_ Watcom VX-Rexx Library

VisualAge Object Connection Partners in Development

Technical interest


ARJ Software, Inc. PC File Compression Specialists since 1990
Info-ZIP Home Page
Official RarSoft, RAR, WinRAR and FAR product support site
RAR RegSite - Belgium - France - Luxemburg - Home Page

Coffee machine related

Olympia Cremina service

2011 Cremina Piston Seal Service - YouTube
OE Upgrade Seals in Olympia Cremina Rebuild - YouTube
Olympia Cremina '67 - YouTube
Olympia Cremina - Part One, Inside and Out - YouTube
olympia cremina - YouTube
Olympia Cremina 67 Espresso Machine Piston Seal Installation - YouTube
Olympia Cremina Boiler Gasket Install at Orphan Espresso - YouTube
Olympia Cremina Part 2 Pulling a Shot - YouTube
Olympia Cremina Sight Glass Seal Replacement at Orphan Espresso - YouTube
Olympia Cremina Steam Valve Seal Replacement at Orphan Espresso - YouTube
Olympia Pstat Adjustment and Mod - YouTube

Compact PCI_PXI hardware & software related

PICMG - PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
PXI Systems Alliance
Welcome to PICMG Europe

Data acquisition system related

data acquisition with xml for distributed systems
MDSplus Home Page
The ROOT System Home Page

Electrical generators


E-START 3.3 kW silent suitcase digital generator 230 V inverter generators
REMOTE & E-START 3.3 kW silent suitcase digital generator 230 V inverter generators


Catalogue - Honda, service après-vente, pièces détachées et accessoires
Découvrez l'univers Honda, le jardin, l'industrie et la marine
Honda Téléchargement des Manuels de l'Utilisateur Produits d'Equipement

Electronic circuits related

Beyond Logic
Chip directory - Index
Notes on Video Conversion
Silicon Sam's Technology Resource - Welcome Page
Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Pages
TraitÚ d'ÚlectricitÚ et d'Úlectronique pour le radioamateur

Encyclopedia, dictionaries

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures (Formerly Tomi Engdahl's info)
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
Main Page - Wikipedia
TechWeb The Business Technology Network le site de vulgarisation et de dépannage informatique



GSM related

HTC Wildfire Compass Calibration

YouTube - Best Compass Calibration Method (iPhone-G1-etc.)
YouTube - HTC Desire Compass problem
YouTube - O2Compass calibration - the fastest and easiest way
YouTube - The REAL iPhone Compass Calibration Tutorial

-- GSM Link Heaven --
About GSM Mobile Phones
Nokia en GSM website. Logo, ringtone, software, informatie, secret codes, SMS en veel meer
The GSM Topsites
Voici comment paramétrer votre Sunrise mailbox
Your cellphone is locked_ ;-) heh

Internet and WWW tools related


Learn HTML & CSS - a book that teaches you in a nicer way

TCP_IP tools

TCPDUMP public repository
WinPcap, The Packet Capture and Network Monitoring Library for Windows

WWW browsers

AnyBrowser Pages
Browsers, Viewers and HTML Preparation Resources
Opera Software - Bringing speed and fun back into Internet browsing

WWW guides

Guide to HTML v3.2 (aka Wilbur)
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents
Style Guide for Online Hypertext
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium

WWW validation services

W3C HTML Validation Service
Web Authoring Tools from Web Design Group

Adobe - Flash Player Settings Manager - Website Storage Settings panel
WebWriter_2 - Don't write Home without it!

Internet connection and mail setup related


Enabling IMAP - Gmail Help
Enabling POP - Gmail Help
Other ways to access Gmail - Gmail Help
Outlook 2007 - Gmail Help IMAP
Outlook 2007 - Gmail Help POP
Problems with sync - Gmail Help


NordNet Outlook smtp-auth setup
NordNet Quota administration issue
NordNet RTC modem connection


Comment configurer une connexion bas débit avec Windows Vista - Assistance Orange
Comment configurer une connexion bas débit avec Windows Vista - Assistance Orange
Comment configurer une connexion Internet sous Microsoft Windows XP - Assistance Orange
Comment configurer une connexion Internet sous Microsoft Windows XP - Assistance Orange
configurer un logiciel de messagerie en IMAP - Assistance Orange
configurer un logiciel de messagerie pour contourner un blacklistage - Assistance Orange
Envoyer des messages avec le mail Orange sous Outlook 2007 depuis une autre connexion - Assistance Orange
Livebox - installer - Internet Haut Débit - Assistance Orange
noms des serveurs de messagerie internet Orange - Assistance Orange
problème lors de l'envoi d'un message avec une adresse mail - Assistance Orange

ISDN related

COMMON-ISDN-API_ CAPI - the ISDN interface


Alternative Energy Resources, News, eMagazine & Library AltEnergyMag
c't - magazin für computertechnik
Cahners Business Information Magazines
Circuit Cellar - Magazine for Computer Application
ECN Magazine Online
Electronic Design
EPN Online
Product reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news - CNET
Technology Product Reviews, News, Prices & Downloads PC Magazine
Technology Product Reviews, News, Prices & Downloads PC Magazine
Test & Measurement World Online
TrustedReviews - the UK's premier source of Technology News and Reviews

MiddleWare etc

Middleware architecture
Object Management Group Home Page
Sergey Orlik's Standards & Middleware Links Page
The CORBA FAQ --- Frequently Asked Questions

MIME related

Intro to MIME (Interesting for the 'Guide...')
MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions links)
MIME - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MPEG3 Technical (players etc.)

PM123 - New Generation of Multimedia on OS_2
Samuel Audet's Home Page (MPEG3)
Tord's Homepage _ Homepage for BladeEnc

MS product info

Microsoft Websites

MS Developper Network

Visual Studio C++ Samples
Visual Studio

MS Internet Explorer

IE Add-on site
IE site on
Welcome to IE7

MS Office on-line

Office Online Home Page - Microsoft Office Online
Roadmap to Outlook 2007 training - Help and How-to - Microsoft Office Online
Training Home Page - Microsoft Office Online
Visio 2007 - Training - Microsoft Office Online

MS Technet

Command Reference
Microsoft TechNet Windows Sysinternals

IE Add-on site
IE site on
Microsoft At Home
Microsoft At Work
Microsoft Store
Welcome to IE7
Windows PowerShell

Outlook Real World Questions, Real World Answers

The Elder Geek Home

Nautical related

Maritime Safety Information


Ethernet cabling etc

568A v 568B
Low Voltage Product Talk How to Make an Ethernet Cat5e-Cat6 Cable
TIA-EIA-568-B - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ethernet file servers

2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure - DNS-323 by D-Link
LaCie - Ethernet Disk mini - Gigabit Ethernet & USB 2.0 – Products-Wired-Basic Networking-Network Storage-NSLU2
My Book World Edition 750 GB Hard Drives ( WDG1NC7500 )
Network Storage Adapter by D-Link
QNAP Systems, Inc. - Quality Network Appliance Provider
SC101 -
SC101T -
Seagate Technology - Seagate Mirra™ Personal Server 500-GB
Serveur de stockage NAS D-Link DNS-323
Shared Storage Maxtor Shared Storage™ II 320-500GB
Synology Inc. Products Disk Station DS-106j
Synology Inc. Products Disk Station DS207
techPowerUp! Review Synology DS207 Page 1 - 5

Ethernet LAN and WLAN

Ethernet FAQ
inSSIDer Wi-Fi Scanner MetaGeek
Linksys WRE54G Library Search
Mart Molle's article on Ethernet (pdf file)

Network Printers


Brother DCP-9045-CDN_FR
Brother DCP-9045CDN - Colour Laser MFP review - Printer reviews - TrustedReviews
brother DCP-9045CDN FAQ's & Troubleshooting Others
Brother DCP-9045CDN_EN
Brother Solutions Center DCP-9045CDN Others
Brother Solutions Center DCP-J715W Others
Brother Solutions Center DCP-J715W Téléchargements France
Brother Solutions Center Others


Canon i-SENSYS MF8330Cdn Laser Multifunctional - Canon Europe
Canon i-SENSYS MF8350Cdn Laser Multifunctional - Canon Europe


HP Color LaserJet CM2320 Multifunction Printer series Small & Medium Business
Imprimante multifonction HP Color Laserjet CM2320fxi (CC435A) spécifications - produits Petites & Moyennes Entreprises HP


All Products Multifunction Lexmark X544dn Lexmark
All Products Multifunction Lexmark X544dn Lexmark


Samsung CLX-6220_6250_FX_FR
Samsung MFC CLX-6220FX-SEE_EN


Xerox Phaser 6180MFP


GRC Gibson Research Corporation Home Page
PC Flank Make sure you're protected on all sides

Beej's Guide to Network Programming
Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Web Site
IANA Home Page (RFC's)
Mart Molle's Home Page
My IP address Free IP Address tracer and IP address lookup Your Guide to Broadband - The Global Broadband Speed Test
Test your IPv6.
Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from RealVNC
VNC Viewer for OS_2 PM -

OGG-Vorbis - Open, Free Audio

PC harddisk maintenance

Disk Partitions, OS-2, & Multiboot FAQ
GParted -- About
IBM hard disk drives technical support
IBM-Hitachi harddisk tools
MBRwizard! - The MBR Management Utility
Ranish Partition Manager
Seagate Technology Support
Western Digital Software Library

PC hardware & software support

Computer Hopes free computer help
IBM Networking LAN Adapter Support
IBM Personal Computing Support - Home
IBM Technical Support
Microsoft Download Center
Microsoft Help and Support
Microsoft Security Home Page
Microsoft TechNet (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, mo

PC hardware related

PC BIOS Manufacturers

American Megatrends, Inc
Award Software and Phoenix
UnicoreTechnical Support (various BOISes)

WD harddisk cloning problem
Support Case Detail - 050215-9861819

Buses used on PC's, IC, backplane and embedded Interface Bus types
Craig Peacock's Interfacing the PC
LAPTOP Magazine - Product reviews, tech news, buying guides, and more
PC Lube & Tune Exit Ramp
PC Mechanic - Computers and Technology for Normal People
Welcome to Anand's Hardware Tech Page

PGP and other crypto related

BAL's PGP Public Key Server
Diensten _ SURFnet Public Key Infrastructure
Gpg4win - Email-Security using GnuPG for Windows
Keyserver statistics for
MD5sums for Windows
Net Catapult OS_2 PGP security
SKS OpenPGP Public Key Server
The GNU Privacy Guard -
The International PGP Home Page
What is GnuPT - GnuPT - Protect Your Data

Photo voltaic energy related

Aunilec - Conversion d'energie
STECA Solar electronics Home
STECA Steca Solarix MPPT
sunwatt france FR


Camera reviews, tests

Canon G10 digital camera test Video
Canon PowerShot G10 Review 1. Introduction Digital Photography Review
Digital Camera Reviews and News Digital Photography Review Forums, Glossary, FAQ
Digital camera reviews, photography techniques, photography gallery and photography forums
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 Review 1. Introduction Digital Photography Review
Ricoh Caplio GX-200 Digital Photography Review
Ricoh Caplio GX100 Review 1. Introduction Digital Photography Review
Sensor Sizes Camera System Glossary Learn Digital Photography Review

Portable software - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives
U3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
u3_tool - Tool for controlling U3 drives

Satelite TV - Internet related

Internet per Satellite

NewTec Terminal

Home - Newtec
Sat3Play - Newtec
Sat3Play® Ka-band 2Way Satellite Broadband terminal TP210 - Newtec
Sat3Play® Ku-band 2Way Satellite Broadband terminal TP210 - Newtec

accueil raoul di centuri
Broadband via satellite - SES ASTRA
Eb-N0 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Forums ADSL Ariase - interface modem viasat surfbeam
High-speed internet via satellite - ASTRA2Connect
Tooway, the new way to broadband. Consumer broadband Internet via satellite
VSS Modeling Guide 3.5. SNR, Eb-N0 and Es-N0

Satelite VDR related sites

Index of -download
Kanaleditor für VDR - Reniers Homepage
Linowsat Settings VDR channels.conf
Syntax of channels.conf - VDR Wiki
The Video Disk Recorder
Ubuntu Manpage vdr file formats - the Video Disk Recorder Files
VDR Wiki
Vdr(5) – VDR Wiki

Satellite enterprises

Eutelsat leading satellite operator for broadcast, broadband, business and mobile services
SES ASTRA - Europe's leading provider of satellite services

Satellite parabolas and accessories

satellite reception, satellite antennas, digital receivers, VSAT Visiosat
satellite reception, satellite antennas, digital receivers, VSAT Visiosat

Satellite TV - Internet Magazines

Internet par satellite
Internet via satellite
L'internet par satellite
TELE-satellite & Broadband Magazine
Télé Satellite et Numérique Le portail de la télévision numérique

Satellite TV frequencies - parameters

packages Bis - KingOfSat
packages Canal Digitaal - KingOfSat
packages SSR-SRG - KingOfSat
packages TNTSAT - KingOfSat

Satellite TV receivers

Dream MultiMedia DreamBox

Hauptseite – DreamboxWIKI

Reel MultiMedia ReelBox Medialist_AD-763x.pdf
netceiver Betriebssystem auf SD-Karte wiederherstellen – RMM-Wiki
NetCeiver – RMM-Wiki
Reel Multimedia - Reelbox & NetClient - Media Center
Reel-Multimedia Support Documentation
ReelBox Avantgarde von einem USB-Stick booten - Reel2USB – RMM-Wiki
ReelBox Avantgarde von USB-Stick betreiben – RMM-Wiki Anleitungen [Update] HowTo SC , CCCAM usw. installieren
softcamgrundlagen_cardsharing []
softcamstart []
start []
SVN-Testing Tree – RMM-Wiki
V. Hardware- und Systemerweiterungen - Handbuch ReelBox AVG – RMM-Wiki

heise online-Preisvergleich DreamBox DM8000 schwarz, festplattenvorbereitet - Deutschland
Technomate UK - Your digital partner for life
Topfield Europe GmbH Home Digitalreceiver und PVRs für DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C
Welcome to TOPFIELD

Channel Search - KingOfSat
Eb-N0 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eb-N0 Explained
Lat - Long Finder This page helps you find Latitude and Longitude
LyngSat - Lyngemark Satellite
Magnetic Declination, Models, Data and Services
Multi Band Converter - Johansson
Oplossingen bij beelduitval canaldigitaal
Satellite Finder - Dish Pointing Calculator with Google Maps
Satellite internet service providers worldwide - Satellite Signals Ltd
SRG - SSR Home
TNT Française diffusée par satellite
Télévision et radio numérique en Suisse romande et France voisine (TNT, SSR, BIS, CanalSat, Canal+, DAB, DVB, ADSL, etc.)
Témoignages d'utilisateurs internet par satellite

Symantec Anti Virus related

AntiVirus Corporate Edition Common Topics and Support Resources
Download and run the Norton Removal Tool
Enterprise Support - Symantec Corp
Getting Started - Symantec Corp
Installation and configuration documents for Symantec Client Security 3.1 and Symantec AntiViru
Manual uninstallation documents for Symantec Client Security products
Manually uninstalling Symantec AntiVirus 10.1 client
Manually uninstalling Symantec AntiVirus 10.2 client

Terrestrial TV related

DVB-T related

Pays de Gex problem

CSA - TNT - Émission et réception de la TNT les aspects techniques

CSA - Les sites d’émission de la TNT prochainement mis en service
CSA › La réception de la télévision numérique par une antenne
CSA › Le passage à la télévision « tout numérique »#carte - Le forum de la TNT • Page d’index

Philips Info



BDP 3000_12

BDP3000-12 Philips Blu-ray Disc player BDP3000 - Philips Support
BDP3000-12 Philips Lecteur de disques Blu-ray BDP3000 - Philips Support
Download - BDP3000-12
Philips - Contact and Support

CSA - Autorisation, convention, déclaration
CSA - Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel
Radio et TV numériques en Suisse romande, satellite, TNT et câble

Time issues

Clocks and Time_ Horology site for books, magazines, organizations, museums, PC synchronization
Computer Time Services
NPL_ Time Metrology - Measurement of Time the internet cluster of ntp servers
Precision Timing,Import,Consultation,Computer Time Code Service
Time Service Department

Toyota Prius

Hidden menus related

Prius Modifications - EAA-PHEV
The new 2004 Toyota Prius
Undocumented Custom Menus on the 2004 Toyota Prius
Ági & Attila Vass's Homepage...

A simulation of Prius's Planetary Gear
Animated Engines, Atkinson
Drive force
Graham's Toyota Prius
John's Stuff - Toyota Prius and more
motorisation hybride
Prius driving simulator
Prius, the Hybrid Car, ENGAGE!
TOYOTA Navigation Map Updates
Toyota Prius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Toyota Service Information

TV encryption systems related

AlphaCrypt and Viaccess

Alphacrypt + Viaccess - DIGITAL FERNSEHEN - Forum
Alphacrypt TC Modul

General CI and CAM related

CI Plus the Common Interface Plus official web site
Common Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Conditional-access module - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MHEG-5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Software CAM and SmartCard Server related

Card server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Card sharing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hauptseite – Streamboard Wiki
Pirate decryption - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anleitungen
softcamstart []

CI-CAM Modules From All Over The World - An Almost Complete Database
MODULE VIACCESS NEOTION ACS 3.0 - Alle Infos und Fakten zu den CI-Modulen
Viaccess -

TV Recorder file format related

Digital container format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MPEG transport stream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

UNIX, FSF and GNU, Linux, LynxOS, X-windows related

FSF and GNU stuff

Free Software Foundation Europe
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)

LINUX stuff



Windows installer Ubuntu
WubiGuide - Ubuntu Wiki

AptGet-Howto - Community Ubuntu Documentation
AptitudeSurvivalGuide - Community Ubuntu Documentation
Easy Ubuntu Linux
Installation-FromImgFiles - Community Ubuntu Documentation
InstallingSoftware - Community Ubuntu Documentation
Official Ubuntu Documentation
Repositories-Ubuntu - Community Ubuntu Documentation
SoftwareManagement - Community Ubuntu Documentation

Alessandro's Articles
Beyond Linux From Scratch
Caldera Systems, Inc
Linux MAN Pages - Linux Documentation with Search
Linux Man Pages Online
Linux-Mandrake Home
LinuxWorld - Putting Linux to Work
Mirrors - Linux From Scratch
RedHat.com_ Your Online Linux Resource
UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads
Welcome to S.u.S.E

LynxOS stuff

RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) and Embedded Linux OS from LynuxWorks, and tools for RTOS and

UNIX stuff


FreeBSD Documentation
FreeBSD Handbook
FreeBSD Hypertext Man Pages Index Page
Manual Pages
The FreeBSD Project


X-Windows stuff

GNOME Project
XFree86(TM)_ Home Page

HP-UX Reference (Manpages)
Linux Man Pages Online
V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows, X, and OS_2
X-Bc - a GUI to bc, a scientific calculator

USB related
Universal Serial Bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Universal Serial Bus - Wikipédia
USB in a NutShell - Chapter 1 - Introduction

Various discussion groups

Acronis Forum - Windows Update not working in disk clone

Grover's Index of the Accumulated Wisdom by Many. Check here first for guides or solutions. Acronis Forum
I Give Up!!! Acronis Forum
Win Updates Do Not Work On Cloned Drive But DO On Source Drive Acronis Forum

Coffee machine related

HX or Double Boiler Espresso Machine - Buying Advice •
Some thoughts on heat exchanger vs. double boiler espresso machines - Espresso Machines •

Garden machines related

Le Forum de la Motoculture différentiel Roque et lecoeur

OSCam forum

Hauptseite – Streamboard Wiki
OSCam Forum OSCam - English
OSCam Forum Portal
OSCam Wiki
Streamboard Main Page

PC - Windows related

Administrator Account - Vista Forums
Bleeping Computer - Computer Help and Discussion
Computer Questions and Answers - Free Computer Technical Support - Tech Questions Get Answers! - Ask Leo!
Information for advanced users about the changes to the built-in administrator account in Windows Vista
MSDN Forums
Safer Networking Forums

ReelBox related


Installatie na recovery of factory
oscam 5797
Reelbox4all - Forumindex
Reelbox4all - Index
stap voor stap oscam


Index of -avantgarde-software-ubuntu-804-stable OScam HowTo OScam auf der AVG Startseite

RMM forum

Empfangsprobleme Bild und Ton kurzzeitige Aussetzer-Hänger
NetCeiver Problem nach Reparation vom Powersupply.
Reel-Multimedia Support Forum
Schweiz neue HD-Channels SF1 HD, SF2 HD etc kein Empfang - Seite 6

Satellite - Terrestrial TV reception related

Big Bisat ALIGNMENT SOFTWARE - Schotelpark - Sat4all
Catégories - Forum Bis Télé
Satellietforum - powered by vBulletin
Satmag, le forum des médias. - Powered by vBulletin

Watches related

[Revue] Seiko SKA214

Yahoo - Prius

Prius-2G Toyota Prius Hybrid, 2G (2004-2009)
Prius-Europe THE European Toyota Prius Site
Prius_Technical_Stuff To discuss the unique interface and poss
toyota-prius Hybrid Toyota Prius E-mail Group

CNET Forums - CNET
Forum d'assistance informatique
Guide du BBCode
RF Topics
Toshiba Support Forums Forum Home
Yahoo! Groups - Join or create groups, clubs, forums & communities

Various Tools related

Bosch Powertools World Market Leader for Portable Electric Power Tools
Bosch worldwide
Cleaning equipment and pressure washers Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG
Leborgne fabricant français d'outils à main

Version Control Systems

CVS - Open Source Version Control

Video Projector related

Projector reviews

Casio XJ-A146 Laser-LED Portable Projector Review
Casio XJ-M255 Laser-LED Projector Review
Infocus IN1126 Portable Projector Review

BenQ Europe Products - Projectors - W710ST
Digital Light Processing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DLP Technology - Projectors - Pico Projectors - Digital Cinema - HDTV DLP - Texas Instruments
Lamp Free, Digital, LED, HD, Office, School, Projectors Casio Projectors
Projectors at Projector Reviews » Expert Advice on Projectors for your Home Theater, Business, or Classroom
Projectors, Projector Reviews, LCD Projectors, Home Theater DLP Projectors at
reviews Video Projectors

Virtual Machine and BOCHS pc emulator

bochs The Open Source IA-32 Emulation Project (Home Page)
DOSBox, a x86 emulator with DOS
InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH
Welcome to VMware, Inc

Virus, hoaxes and spyware related

Digital investigation B.V. - Digitaal forensisch onderzoeksbureau - Forensisch ICT onderzoek - Gerechtelijke deskundigheid
Digital investigation B.V. - Digital Investigation B.V. - Gerechtelijke deskundigheid - digitaal bewijsmateriaal
HoaxBuster - Premiere ressource francophone sur les hoax, moteur de recherche anti-hoax
Rickey Gevers Blogspot
Spychecker - download spyware removal and Internet privacy tools

Water treatment etc


Accueil - ACV
SmartLine (SL) - ACV
SmartLine E (SLE) - ACV


Cillit - Filtres Automatiques Cillit FV et Cillit FA
Cillit - Filtres Cillit Uni 3-4” à 1”
Cillit - Stérilisateurs Cillit Aquadès
Lampe UV modèle 1800S -


Jetly - Aquablock 30-80 Mono
Jetly - Contacteur manometrique bipolaire 69WEC-G
Jetly - Euro-Inox 40-80 Mono
Jetly - Protec-2 documentation
Jetly - Protec-2
Jetly - Relais hydraulique


Fiche produit Siriux JR
Liste des produits
Salmson, conception et fabrication de systèmes de pompage

AB7 - Industries
Centre Télématique Francophone sur l'Eau
Soins et entretien d'une installation septique rurale
The New Brunswick Environment Industry Association - About the NBEIA

Windows related

Ext2Fsd Project Interactive Software for Education
Arduino - HomePage
BThe CMD option is not enabled for #EXEC calls-BBR DT100 Data Acquisition System
BuildSite Home
Comment Ça Marche - Communauté informatique
Complex technology made real
DIN - Deutsches Institut fur Normung
Distance between coordinates and bearing, on Earth and other planets - Geody
Dépannage informatique, assistance et maintenance informatique ChronoMicro Particulier, Entreprise
Eduardo Jacob's HomePage
Energy Equivalences
Fenêtre de toit VELUX la fenêtre de toit de qualité VELUX France - Free computer science and programming books
Geody - the World's search engine
HardwareGeeks -- Technology news and reviews
Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation
HomeMedia L'univers HTPC, PCHC, PC Home Cinema et mediacenter - HP48 Software Archive
Human Memory Taking Advantage Of Technology
Image Writer in Launchpad
Index of -hpjournal-pdfs
MSDN Home Page
Multi-band WebSDR in JO32KF
Network Management Laboratory (home)
Neuber software opentype, truetype, postscript type 1 font manager, fonts, typeface, anti spywa
Norme installation électrique, certification électricité, label hpe Promotelec
Product reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news - CNET
Reader Question Maximum Memory in 32-bit Windows Vista - Windows Vista help
SANS - Internet Storm Center - Cooperative Cyber Threat Monitor And Alert System - Current Info
Service Manual free download,schematics,datasheets,eeprom bins,pcb,repair info for test equipme
Sysinternals Freeware
techPowerUp! - The latest in hardware and gaming
The Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) - SMT Assembly, and Reliability. Satellite Link Budgeting, and Environment Stress Screening.
Utiliser l'Administrateur caché de Vista
Welcome to PLCopen
Windows Problem Solver - Le portail du haut débit - ADSL, WiFi, Wimax, Fibre optique, xDSL


Coffee related

Machine reviews

CoffeeGeek - Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine
CoffeeGeek - Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine
Expobar Brewtus Espresso Machine Review •
Expobar Brewtus III Espresso Machine Review •
Quick Mill Vetrano Espresso Machine Review •
Quickmill Alexia Espresso Machine Review •

CoffeeGeek - News, Reviews, Opinion and Community for Coffee and Espresso • Espresso Machine Reviews, Coffee Grinder Reviews, How-Tos and Discussion Forums

Consumer organizations

Bon à Savoir
Fédération Romande des consommateurs [Accueil]
KIESKEURIG Productvergelijk, prijsvergelijk en reviews
Le site du magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs
ORganisation GEnérale des COnsommateurs
Union Fédérale des Consommateurs - Que Choisir

Ecological organizations etc

accueil SNPN
Instituts de Biologie de l'Université de Neuchâtel
Jardin botanique de la Ville et l'Université de Neuchâtel;
Ramsar Sites Database Service
Societe Botanique du Vaucluse
Wetlands International - Homepage

Energy savings related

Bienvenue chez ANIME
cuepe - énergie
Office fédéral de l’énergie OFEN - L'étiquetteEnergie
SOLAR Club CERN accueil de toutes les énergies renouvelables !

Fitness related

Heart Rate Myths Normal Heart Rate, Resting Heart Rate, Pulse Speed, and More
MAX Workouts by Shin Ohtake - High-Intensity Workout Routines That Get You Lean & Fit, Fast!
Max Workouts Review Examining Shin Ohtake’s Exercise Program Released
Truth About Heart Rate Target Heart Rate, Monitors, and More

Health related

Anorexia Nervosa

Books, articles etc

Anorexia Nervosa
Anorexia Nervosa_ Let Me Be
Infections may trigger or worsen symptoms of anorexia nervosa, evidence suggests
_Strep_ Infection May Cause One Type of Anorexia

Personal experiences

Recovering From Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anorexia Nervosa
Eating Disorders
Let our experts help you find the right eating disorder resource for your specific needs
Lucy Serpell's Eating Disorder Resources
Search results for ANOREXIA
Stichting Anorexia en Boulimia Nervosa, Nederland
The Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders


Graves-Basedow disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



NGS - National Geographic Online
Scientific American

Legg-Calvé-Perthes syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Main Page @ - A Hosted Site
National Osteonecrosis Foundation

Alimentation-santé » Blog Archive » Les vertus de la cannelle et du miel
Centre & Clinique de l'Oeil Centres d'ophtalmologies et de chirurgie oculaire en Suisse
Centre de l'Oeil, consultations ophtalmologiques - France
Multithérapie Cressy
Physio Centre Champs Fréchets, Meyrin, Genève
SMMOF - Accueil

Historical technical related

64 Search Results - TITLE-ABSTR-KEY(BOL)[All Sources(Physics and Astronomy)] - ScienceDirect
ScienceDirect - Nuclear Instruments and Methods A computerized pulse-radiolysis system
Semiconductor detectors in the low countries

Home pages


Bienvenue sur le site web de la commune de Broye - Commune de Broye
Mairie de crozet - Accueil
Mairie de Marmagne - 71710 - Saône et Loire Mairie de Marmagne
Mairie Marmagne, informations sur la ville Marmagne 71710 -
Mairie Mesvres (71190) - Informations de la commune de Mesvres (Saône-et-Loire)
Mairie Étang-sur-Arroux, informations sur la ville Étang-sur-Arroux 71190 -


Edgar Dieperink's home page
Erich BRACKE's home page
Rene' van Dantzig homepage
Robert Cailliau's site
Vincent ALEXANDRE's home page at NICE

AB-CO-IN - Infrastructure Section
Erik's home directory on office LAN (ftp protocol)
Erik's home directory on office LAN


Old installations - steam, diesel etc

De gelijkstroom stoommachine (uniflow steam engine)
German U-Boot Diesel MWM RS 34 S running smoothly at Maschinenmuseum Kiel - YouTube
stoomgemalen in nederland
The Biggest Operating Rotative Beam Steam Engine At Crossness - YouTube
The Biggest Operating Triple Steam Engine At Kempton - YouTube
The Fabulous 1812 Crofton Steam Engine - YouTube

A Pale Blue Dot
Association Vauban - Fortifications du Maréchal de Vauban
Computer Generated 3D Ball Music Machine Complete on YouTube
Doku - - YouTube
Franklin D. Roosevelt Message to Congress on Curbing Monopolies.
Wu wei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
▶ Nederland Jaren 50 Deel 1 en nog meer - YouTube


Anti Spam - Telephone, Internet (France)

CNIL - Accueil - Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés
Pacitel - Pour le démarchage téléphonique responsable

Comment ca marche - Net

Comment Ça Marche (CCM) - Communauté informatique vos droits et votre argent

French taxes and laws related

ARCEP - Telecom regulations authority

COUVERTURE MOBILE la vérification de la fiabilité des cartes publiées par les opérateurs
L'actualité de l'ARCEP

LegiFrance - Le droit, les lois etc

Accueil Legifrance - Le service public de l'accès au droit
Code général des impôts, CGI. - Article 1417 Legifrance

Service des Impot (France) - Calculez votre impôt sur le revenu pour 2015 - Particuliers - Questions frequentes . Declaration - Particuliers - Questions - Réponses_ImpotSurRevenu

Service Public (France)

Accueil Particuliers -
Déclaration de perte ou de vol de certificat d'immatriculation -

Social security etc. (France)

CESU related

Bienvenue sur le site du Chèque emploi service universel
CESU home page - Accueil

Health insurance related

Caisse Régionale d'Assurance Maladie Rhône-Alpes
l'Assurance Maladie en ligne

Retirement insurance related

GIP info retraite Découvrir
GIP info retraite La retraite complémentaire des salariés (ARRCO)
L'Assurance retraite - Tout savoir sur la retraite de la Sécurité sociale

Unemploiment insurance related - Bienvenue sur le site de l'Assurance chômage

FEPEM - Fédération des Particuliers-Employeurs de France Accueil
Groupement des Frontaliers Informations pour les travailleurs frontaliers
L' gestion, législation et création d'entreprise
Ministère des affaires sociales, du travail et de la solidarité

Contribuables Associés Impôt fisc, dépenses publiques, gaspillages, Benoite Taffin
Exemples et modèles de lettres Impôts Taxe et Redevance
Expertise comptable, commissaire aux comptes, paie, fiscalité EUREX
Presse Allo Impot

Highspeed Internet (FttH)

SIEA - Syndicat Intercommunal d'électricité de l'Ain

Hoax, virus, spam etc

HoaxBuster - Premiere ressource francophone sur les hoax, moteur de recherche anti-hoax
JUNKBUSTERS Junk Email Headlines

Housing help organizations

ASLOCA Association Suisse des locataires
UESL - Page d'accueil

40 millions d’automobilistes porte-parole des automobilistes
AITC - Home - Accueil - Presentación
AITC Directory
BPU Genève (Bibliotheque Publique Universitaire)
Communauté de Communes du Pays de Gex Accueil
Download free software and games downloads - FileCluster
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
Experts Exchange Home Page
IACT Connections
Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA)
International Alliance for Compatible Technology - Cover Page
Le Réseau ProXiti - Premier Réseau d'Informations Locales de France
Maritime Safety Information
Medecine Manuelle - Osteopathie - SMMOF
Mes Déchets - User Login
Nouvelle page 1 (A.O.R.)
SETI@home_ Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
Site de l'information et de l'accueil des jeunes en Rhônes-Alpes
Tesla Memorial Society of New York Open source Software Engineering tools (Categories)



Physics tools

Contemporary Physics Education Project - CPEP
Interactive Chart of Nuclides
Particle Data Group
Table of Physical Constants
The Standard Model

Radiation dosimetry related

Accueil - IRSN - Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire
Becquerel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dosimetry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gray (unit) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
helpDosimetry & Shielding - NucleonicaWiki
Nucleaire, Energie et Environement Elements de Discussion
Orders of magnitude (radiation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Radioactivité Quels sont les effets sur la santé -
Roentgen (unit) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sievert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Site de l'ASN Spécial Japon - Autorité de sûreté nucléaire

Schools, universities related

AGEP (Ass. Genevoise des Ecoles Privees)
Annuaire E-R
Bienvenue au College et Lycee de Ferney-Voltaire
Bienvenue sur le site de l'Université Paul Valery (Montpellier)
Bienvenue sur le site du ministère de l'éducation nationale
EDUCA _ le serveur suisse de l'éducation
Enseignement supérieur - liste des universités
ETH Zurich - Homepage
Faculté de sciences économiques et sociales
Generic e-mail Uni GE
Instituts de Biologie de l'Université de Neuchâtel
Jardin botanique de la Ville et l'Université de Neuchâtel;
L'école topffer se présente
s c o l a n e t
Site de l'AESPRI
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne
Swiss University of Fribourg, Université de Fribourg, Universität Freiburg
UniGE - Calendrier
Université de Genève
Université de Lausanne - Suisse
Université de Savoie
Université de Toulouse - Le Mirail (UTM)
Université Paul Valery _ Les Etudes à l'UPV - Formation Initiale
Université Paul Valery _ Présentation - U.F.R
UPMF - l'Universite (index)
UPMF - Universite Pierre Mendes-France (Grenoble)
UTM - DEUG Sociologie
Vaud Association of Private Schools _ Association Vaudoise des Ecoles Privées

Society issues

Dette, crise, chômage qui crée l'argent
▶ Etienne Chouard - Arretez de voter !!! - YouTube



CheminPelerin Accueil
Nièvre, Saône et Loire, Parc régional du Morvan
Vivre à Autun, en Bourgogne

Geneve Information

Genève et
Serveur de consultation de l'Etat de Genève - TopoWEB V3
Site Officiel de l'Etat de Genève - Bienvenue
Ville de Genève

Giratoire - Rotonde - Kreisverkehr

ANWB Theorieboek Rijbewijs B met oefen CD-rom - ANWB Uitgeverij Boeken - Google Livres
Comment circuler dans un giratoire - TCS Suisse
Kreisverkehr – Wikipedia
Savoir prendre un rond point circuler dans un rond-point
Wat zijn de verkeersregels op een rotonde Vraag en antwoord

Paris Information

Office du Tourisme de Paris - Site Officiel
Paris - Accueil
Taxis Paris Liste taxis aéroport Roissy, Orly et Gare de Lyon, Nord

AdmiNet - France _ Regions
ASFA Association des Sociétés Françaises d'Autoroutes et d'ouvrages à péage
Bison Futé
Gîtes de, le site officiel de vos vacances
Mappy - Guide routier
Meteo France - Accueil France - Online Maps to Everywhere
Photographies aériennes de Francis Cormon en paramoteur
Verkeersinformatie, ANWB, files, weer, buienradar
ViaMichelin Itinéraire, Route, Plan, Carte de France, Plan de Ville, Carte Europe
Virtual Tourist pre-home page
Welcome To MapQuest!
Welkom bij de Gemeente Maastricht

Aux mathématiques amusantes pour vous détendre
Bienvenu au Bulletin Pollinique pour la Suisse Specialist in Leica and Rollei collectables
Computer Planet
Google Play
INS_ Informationsnetz Schweiz
Les arbres
List of all countries with flag preview
Notaires de France - Votre patrimoine
NPL_ Home Page
PC Magazine Discussions - Get the Current Sheet Name in Excel
Purple Open Projects (POP)
Science News
Sciences Au coeur de la science avec Futura-Sciences
Site immobilaires des Notaires
The IBM research home page
The Official Undernet Server List

WWW info search engines

Technical subject search engines

GlobalSpec engineering products
TechOnLine - Educational Resources for Electronics Engineers
Welcome to eTesters! - Human Guides. Human Interests. Expert guidance from hundreds of Guides
AltaVista_ Main Page
Club-Internet, le club le plus ouvert de la planète
Deja News
go2net _ MetaCrawler _ search
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library_ Subject Catalogue
W3 Search Engines
Welcome to Fast Search & Transfer

All Documentation
Cyberia-2 Homepage
Gfd.Sys.Disk - GFD [SYS] Festplatten-, CDROM-Treiber
Index of
IT Week_ New OS_2 client on its way 'definite'
Jaton Corp. Video driver download
JobUP - recherche d'emploi en Suisse romande (jobs)
Lotti Latrous
Modem Speed Test Page
ORSENNA, le spécialiste des solutions de communication
Perfect Niche Software, Inc
Similor Kugler, robinets sanitaires suisse Carouge Genève
Sony Corporation -- Global Headquarters
supprimer l'affichage de fp.pc-on-internet&q (oaoaxpu)
TCP_IP Version 4.3 for OS_2 Warp 4.0 and for OS_2 Warp Server for e-business (A Web-only)
Voice Newsletter 12_1999 - Crystal Clear_ A PCI Sound Card for OS_2
warp 4. engage!_ WarpIN

Microsoft Websites

MS Developper Network

Windows Printing

Printing and Print Spooler (Windows)
Win32 API and Printers Print Directly to a Printer - Paradox Community

C++ Beginner's Guide
Visual Studio C++ Samples
Visual Studio

MS Internet Explorer

IE Add-on site
IE site on
Welcome to IE7

MS Office on-line

Download Office 2007 training - PowerPoint
Office Online Home Page - Microsoft Office Online
Roadmap to Outlook 2007 training - Help and How-to - Microsoft Office Online
Training Home Page - Microsoft Office Online
Visio 2007 - Training - Microsoft Office Online

MS Support

Advanced Format HD ESENT application problem on Vista 32bit -
An update that improves the compatibility of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 with Advanced Format Disks is available
How do I reset Windows Update components
How to download updates that include drivers and hotfixes from the Windows Update Catalog
Microsoft Fix it Solution Center troubleshooting software issues
Microsoft Support
Using the Windows Update Catalog

MS Technet

DOS Command-Line Reference
Microsoft TechNet Windows Sysinternals
Microsoft TechNet Windows XP Professional Product Documentation
Outlook 2007 Extremely Slow when Switching Folder Views after Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade
Resources and Tools for IT Professionals TechNet
Windows Sysinternals Documentation, downloads and additional resources

Windows Vista

Windows Vista A Guide to Windows Vista Backup Technologies -- TechNet Magazine, September 2007
Windows Vista Community
Windows Vista Help and How-to

IE Add-on site
IE site on
Microsoft At Home
Microsoft At Work
Microsoft Store

MSN Websites

MSN Autos
MSN Entertainment
MSN Money
MSN Sports

Windows Live

Get Windows Live
Windows Live Gallery
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Spaces

Archiving (Autoarchive and Archive Settings) not available in Outlook 2007 after Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade
BALIKESÝR-KARESÝ (Fatma - Emin Kutvar Anadolu Lisesi)
Braun - 63112770 - KWF2 - Cartouche Filtrante à Eau - Brita - Pack de 2 Cuisine & Maison
brother DCP-9045CDN Consumables & Options Others
Brother Solutions Center
CD - DVD drive missing from 'My Computer' (Windows Explorer)
CERN Document Server LHC First Beam Videos
CERN Press Office LHC First Physics - press resources
coffrets sur, le choix parmi plus de 70000 références
Connaitre la liste des médicaments surveillés par l'Afssaps
Connecteur IDE-Serial ATA 31-2 et 21-2 sur port USB 2.0 - Achat - Vente Accessoires pour disques durs sur
Crash probably caused by IPFilter.dat and Socket.log + UTP.log (Page 1) - Found Bugs - µTorrent Community Forums
Download and run the Norton Removal Tool
Dweezledap's Emulation Realm - Emulation scene news, as well as emulator reviews, plugins, and up to date RomCenter datafiles.
Erik BRACKE's home page from CERN.
EUROPA - European Commission - Enterprise - Regulatory policy - NANDO
How do I convert the Es-No parameter to the SNR parameter in the AWGN Channel block of the Communications Blockset - 1-19I4S
How do I install or uninstall Internet Explorer 9
How to connect the S-Video TV-Out of your computer to your TV
How to uninstall an instance of SQL Server 2005 manually
huge sockets.log n utp.log (Page 1) - Troubleshooting - µTorrent Community Forums
il caffè espresso incontra l'arte, la creatività e la bellezza
Insecticide comparer les prix avec
Installation and configuration documents for Symantec Client Security 3.1 and Symantec AntiVirus 10.1
KT690-mITX - Mini-ITX Motherboards - Boards & Mezzanines Embedded Motherboards Mini-ITX Motherboards KT690-mITX Kontron
La Compagnie Générale des Insecticides - Accueil
La Haute Route d'Hiver
LHC First Physics Live Webcast
Linksys® by Cisco » Home
Logitech Mice Mice V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks
LPSC, Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie de Grenoble
MP3 Music Downloads - Buy MP3 Music Online - Digital Music Downloads
Nederland 24 - Home
Notes on Video Conversion
NVidia TV out in black and white! - Page 3 - Digital Video Forums
O2Compass and O2Flash - WinMo @ MoDaCo
Outlook 2007 - Gmail Help Oulook pop3
Outlook 2007 Extremely Slow when Switching Folder Views after Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade
printing with ipad on network printer - Recherche Google
Product Registration Global Brother
S-Video - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
S-Video to SCART cable pinout and wiring @
SCART - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Seiko Gents Titanium Two Tone Kinetic SKA214P1 - SKA214P1 - 12179
Seiko horloge - Seiko horloges - 001_SKA214P1 - Trendjuwelier
SEIKO Nederland BV
Support Acer Aspire 5610Z series
Support site Acer
Support – Model Number Guide for IBM Legacy Hard Drives
supprimer l'affichage de fp.pc-on-internet&q
The BRACKE family home page from
the How-To Geek Computer Help from your Friendly How-To Geek
TNT dans le Pays de Gex (Ain) les nouvelles sont très mauvaises! - Le Pays Gessien
TNT  tous les Gessiens ont le droit à l'image ! - Le Pays Gessien
Tracking Clicks with GA Pt. 1 About urchinTracker() - Analytics Talk
TRENDnet TU2-IDSA - Achat - Vente Cordons et adaptateurs USB (Universal Serial Bus) sur
TSSTCorp TS-L632D CD-DVD Drive not working, any id... - TOSHIBA FORUMS
Télévision numérique terrestre  écran noir pour de nombreux Gessiens ! - Le Pays Gessien
VOGONS View Forum - DOSBox Guides
YouTube - O2Compass calibration - the fastest and easiest way
YouTube - Starry Starry Night
µTorrent - a (very) tiny BitTorrent client
µTorrent 1.9 alpha 15380 (Page 1) - Announcements - µTorrent Community Forums
▶ Domination du Système Bancaire - Pillage Monétaire Mondiale - YouTube
▶ The Owners of the Country - YouTube