Serial link communication through RS-232C.

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The following document is originally written with Ashton / Tate's FrameWork III integrated office system. It is exported as 'flat' text files and uses the PC / DOS IBM codepage 437 for the character block graphics. Under Windows, NotePad setup with the font 'Terminal' and using the script 'OEM/DOS' (Menubar: Format -> Font) represents these characters correctly. If so required, saving the document locally and opening with NotePad or any other 'simple' text editor, thus reproduces the original document faithfully. Sometimes viewing the file as 'source' in the WWWeb browser will open a window where the font / codepage can be adjusted as required (try: Encoding -> Central European (DOS)).

Here are currently available documents:

- File: rs232c.txt:             Definition and connection of serial
                                communication through RS-232C.
- File: rs232_lnk_16c.gif:      Linking 2 PC's via their COM ports.
- File: rs232_cern_lnk_16c.gif: CERN store's standard PC-AT DTE link cable.

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