A painfull, unexhaustive accumulation of scattered information, gathered over the years.

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Here are currently available documents:

- File: recipes.txt:  Various RF Recipes.

- File: mmi_nice.txt: Entering and extracting data into / from the
                      MMI graph- and Executer databases and subsequent
                      transfer into the UNIX repository for the
                      operational and development systems.

- File: tf_mmi-d.txt: Transfer of MMI Database Manager generated files
                      to the Operational and Development environments.

The following links are provided because of being referenced in the latter 2 documents above. Note that the files are belonging to the section of "SPS RF Control System related" and are stored in the corresponding subdirectory.

- File: m_161292.txt: Design memo: Minutes of a meeting called by
                      Erik on 16 December 1992.

- File: m_211292.txt: Design memo: Minutes of the follow-up meeting
                      called by Erik on 21 December 1992.

- File: m_161292.jpg: Design memo: Drawing referenced in memo's
                      m_161292 and m_211292.

Now follow some screen captures of typical runs of the SPS RF Control System update scripts; scripts that are mentioned in the entry: 'Safe install/update of a System in the SPS RF Control.' of the above link to the 'Various RF Recipes' document.
These screen capture files are simple, pure ASCII tekst files and you can open them safely with any (default) tekst editor (helper programme of your WWWeb browser), or download them onto your own machine for later inspection.

It would probably be a good idea for any potential 'Control System updater' to have seen these screencaptures at least once before running the scripts... :-)

- File: p_c_upd.log:  Screencapture of a typical run of the
                      prep_controlsystem_upd script.
- File: d_c_upd.log:  Screencapture of a typical run of the
                      do_controlsystem_upd script.
- File: u_c_upd.log:  Screencapture of a typical run of the
                      undo_controlsystem_upd script.

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