LEIR development C code module generation and FEC configuration.

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Here are currently available documents:

Note: Only the first 3 notes treat specifically the LEIR Fesa classes FrontEnd Computer integration and are written by me.
- File: genCCode.pdf: Design document: The generation of Bnldsp C
                      object code modules and libraries for the
                      LEIR Fesa BnldspXXX device classes.
                      (Also have a look in file: excerpt_m_new_dtab.txt.)
- File: fecConf.pdf:  Front End Computer startup configuration via the
                      AB/CO Controls Configuration Database.
- File: oasisQ.pdf:   Design document: The Bnldsp Fesa class quartet
                      BnldspSIGNAL, BnldspTRIG, BnldspMUX, BnldspSCOPE
                      forming LEIR's RF beamcontrol signal interface
                      to the OASIS data presentation layer.

The work of integration for auto-boot of the LEIR Fesa classes could never have been done without the information from the following notes that were written by AB/CO people (and who also gave some help; thanks boys!) and whose name appear on the front pages of these notes. Reproduced here 'cause they might be of interest for other FEC integration issues. These notes also exist in the 'DOCUMENTATION' subdirectory of the central CVS repository, module 'abrfcs/BNLDSP' that maintains the full C code base for the LEIR Fesa classes.
- File: AB front-end.pdf:                                         Nicolas de Metz-Noblat's (AB/CO) note.
                      Of particular use here were the chapters on the
                      'Main file systems' and the 'DSC management Makefile'.
- File: Starting User Programs on LynxOS, Linux and HP-UX computers.pdf:  Alastair Bland's (AB/CO) note.
                      Especially the chapter that explains the format of
                      the transfer.ref file (Frontend startup file) is
                      here of interest.
- File: HardwareConfigurationManagement_modelReview.pdf:          Alain Gagnaire's (AB/CO) note.
                      Mainly used for hardware driver integration, but
                      it gives some supplementary info of how the
                      Configuration Data base is organized / used.

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